Eric Wise, founder and chief academic officer of The Software Guild, poses proudly in front of boot camp students in Akron, Ohio.





(NEW YORK, New York — September 17, 2017) To develop the definitive training course for America’s future cybersecurity professionals, The Software Guild, an accelerated, hands-on coding boot camp based in Ohio, turned to Israel’s top hackers.  Partnering with HackerUSA, Israel’s flagship IT and cyber security academy, The Software Guild is launching a new course in online information protection that will provide its students access to world-class training that is supported by the same tools used by the Israeli military.

At the kick-off event earlier this month, The Software Guild hosted a panel discussion at their headquarters in Akron, Ohio, about the importance of finding trained professionals to lead the intensified national security and information protection efforts in the United States, featuring HackerUSA CEO Ariel Cohen, The Software Guild’s Founder Eric Wise, local employers and a number of top cyber security professionals.

“Our mission is to connect students of all backgrounds with accessible education while training them with the high-level skills employers are looking for.  In today’s global economy, that’s cyber security, as corporations, small organizations and government bodies face cyber threats every minute of every day,” said Wise, who is also The Software Guild’s chief academic officer.  “By leveraging HackerUSA’s two decades of experience in the field, our graduates will enter the workforce ready to be ethical hackers with the skills needed to identify vulnerable digital structures, develop solutions to prevent security breaches and protect against threats.”

While HackerUSA has forged partnerships in other countries, the joint-program with The Software Guild, which officially begins on September 25, will be their first U.S.-based initiative, creating a landmark relationship that will benefit national security, information protection, and risk management across the public and private sectors during a time when digital security is a top priority.


Eighty-six percent of corporate executives agree that data security is vital to business, making it clear to The Software Guild that cyber security was a logical next step when it came to expanding their program offerings.  Though Wise is an expert in web development, he knew that his company would need to find a partner with vast experience in the field of cyber security to ensure that it would deliver an effective, high quality program in this new space.

“Israel is at the forefront of the cyber security industry, so it only made sense to bring in HackerUSA, Israel’s cyber security elite, to round out our offering, which already features the best training by the best instructors,” explained Wise.  “Additionally, our two companies hold the same values for high quality and accelerated delivery, so it really is a perfect fit.”

The new joint program includes three different tracks for students of varying skill levels and scheduling restrictions.  A 4-month long, full-time course allows the most committed students to secure a certification as an IT expert specializing in Python and Basic Cyber Security. The other two courses, Cyber Security Risk Management and Assessment and Professional Penetration Tester, are both part-time and 8 months long.





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The Software Guild (, which is owned and operated by online education technology solution provider The Learning House, Inc., is an accelerated, hands-on coding boot camp where individuals learn to be software developers at an in-person boot camp or via fully online programming.  Apprentices learn either .NET or Java and acquire the skills needed for junior-level developer positions.  The Guild has more than 300 companies in its employer network, a high job placement rate and master instructors with an average of more than ten years of industry experience.  Currently, The Software Guild has locations in Akron, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Minneapolis, Minnesota; as well as a robust online presence.


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