For Sivan Gold, it’s “deja-vu” all over again.

During Operation Defensive Shield in 2012, she was in the ninth month of her pregnancy, when her husband, Marius, received a “Tzav-8” IDF emergency call-up notice, and went to protect his homeland.

On Tuesday it happened again.

Another call-up notice, one of upwards of 40,000 sent out to Israeli men and women for the current Operation Protective Edge to end near-incessant rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

Again, she’s pregnant, and can’t believe it’s all happening all over again. Speaking with Army radio, she said she begged Marius not to go, again.

“Noam,” her first son, “was born at the end of Defensive Shield. And while his brother is growing inside me, we’re heading off to another (military) operation,” she said.

Marius said the harsh reality of the circumstances left him no choice.

“He’s a father now, and I’m a mother,” she said, simply. “He reacted a bit sheepishly this time, though,” she noted, of her Marius’ reaction to the call-up notice. “Fatherhood changes the picture,” she sighed.

Sivan is sticking close to their home’s protected room with her son, while Marius remains unreachable on the cellphone, according to Israeli Army Radio.

“We had Red Alerts today, and it’s the first time that Noam was really frightened,” she said. “I’m just glad that I’m at home and not out on the road or traveling.”

She also remembered that today was Marius’ birthday.

“It’s ironic,” she said. “But, instead of a birthday party, he received a different surprise,” in this case, the IDF invitation.

“I hope, in the future, that we’ll be able to name our children something other than ‘Tzuk’ or ‘Eitan.’”

Tzuk, is Hebrew for “Cliff.” Eitan — Ethan in English, means “Steadfast.”

Steadfast cliff is the Hebrew name for Protective Edge, the IDF’s code name for the ongoing operation to clean out Hamas and rockets from Gaza.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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