Photo credit: Doron Horowitz, GPO
This week began with a miracle, and it is a beautiful feeling to recognize the unique Israeli presence on courageous occasions such as this one.
A soccer team made of 12 children and their soccer coach was trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand for 11 days; raising international anguish and concern. The team had been visiting the cave when a flash flood trapped it. Unfortunately, many obstacles prevented the victims’ rescue, such as rising waters and a deficiency of communication between first responders. The latter was due to the inability of the communication systems to function in underground caves.
A former Thai Navy SEAL, former Petty Officer 1st Class Saman Gunan, died while delivering oxygen to the boys. As the nation prepares for monsoon rains, the danger intensifies.
As of July 8, four children were rescued and at the hospital and it was predicted to take another 10 hours to rescue the others.
Rescuers succeeded at reaching the children and their coach by using the novel communications technology developed by Israeli company Maxtech. Founded by Uzi Hanuni, this emergency mobile communications technology proved to be a crucial asset to the heroic act.
This company’s inventive technology is used in countries worldwide; and since the rescue success, Maxtech has been the focus of countless inquiries from around the world. The attention was so overwhelming that it almost caused a crash on the website!
As Hanuni himself expressed, “Any country in the world that has a rescue team needs to have such a system in their hands. It’s not a matter of choice, it’s a matter of saving lives.” And it is wonderful that countries all over the world have recognized the need for and the benefits of utilizing Israeli entrepreneurship.


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