JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israeli soldiers fired on Gazan Palestinians approaching the border with Israel several times over the weekend.

One Palestinian man was killed and several injured in the incidents, which occurred on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, some 100 Palestinians rioting near the border fence with Israel in northern Gaza threw stones at the troops stationed there. Protesters attempted to break through the security fence and enter Israel, according to the IDF.

After calling on the protesters to halt, Israeli troops used live gunfire. One Palestinian reportedly was killed in the incident.

Earlier on Friday, In addition, a rocket fired from Gaza landed in the Shaar HaNegev region in southern Israel.

On Saturday, a group of Palestinians tried to breach the Gaza security fence. During the incident, members of the group were spotted planting an explosive device on the security fence, in order to detonate it as an IDF patrol was driving by, according to the IDF.

“Concealing explosive devices is a recurring phenomenon, challenging the IDF operational activities intended to protect its forces and civilians,” IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said. “The IDF will continue to maintain the right to act upon terrorist threats that pose a clear and present danger to the troops and the operational access they require to defend the civilians of the State of Israel.”

“The IDF operates and will continue to operate along the border fence to prevent any infiltration into Israel’s sovereign territory. If not for our presence and determination to contain these incidents, the Israeli civilian population would be exposed to innumerable terrorist attacks from Gaza,” the IDF said.

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Source: JTA


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