Israel: The Coming Energy Superpower: Peter C. Glover, The Commentator, April 5, 2013–Israel’s transformation from a land of milk and honey into a land awash with oil and gas money is under way. When the country’s offshore Tamar field finally started pumping domestic natural gas direct to Haifa on the last day of March 2013, it meant that Israel was no longer in the thrall of its Arab neighbours for gas imports. And it also signalled the beginning of Israel’s rise to energy superpower status.

Israel’s Energy Market: Efraim Chalamish, Jerusalem Post, May 8, 2013–The recent off-shore gas discoveries in Israel are game changing. Said discoveries can raise Israel’s Gross Domestic Product, help to reduce national fiscal deficit, position Israel as an independent energy producer and exporter, and improve the country’s geo-strategic status. Yet, this great potential raises significant policy, economic, and political concerns.

Israel, Turkey and Gas: Editorial, Jerusalem Post, May, 18, 2013–Word is that both Israel and Turkey are seriously entertaining the notion of constructing an undersea pipeline to deliver Israeli natural gas to Turkey and, perhaps, hence to Europe. The Turks reportedly have expressed willingness to foot part of the estimated $2 billion bill. Such pipelines exist elsewhere in the world, most notably from Russia and from Norway.

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