The 2018 Eurovision winner, Israeli singer Netta Barzilai. Credit: Dewayne Barkley, EuroVisionary/Wikimedia Commons.

Responding to criticism over his uninspiring performance, Israeli singer Kobi Marimi recorded a new version of Israel’s entry for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, set to take place in Tel Aviv this month.

Israeli singer Netta Barzilai won the 2018 competition, granting Israel the right to host this year’s event.

Marimi won the right to represent Israel in the contest after winning an Israeli talent show similar to “The X Factor.” The music video he released with the entry “Home” was ridiculed as “boring” by some online users, especially in light of the contrast to the energetic and lively show Barzilai put on last year.

Now, just days before the first Eurovision event begins, Marimi is set to officially release a new version, with the hope of helping the host nation secure another victory in what is perhaps the most famous music competition in the world.

In the original version, Marimi sings in his opera voice right at the beginning, but the new version begins with sounds generated by string instruments. The slow rhythm of the first video is replaced with a more upbeat tempo that increases rapidly.

This article first appeared on the Israel Hayom website.