“There should be no panic. All is calm, northern residents can sleep soundly,” Israel’s Northern Command Chief Yair Golan was quoted by Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv as saying Monday, a day after it was reported that Israel struck a military facility in Damascus.

Golan added that “together with the readiness and alertness in the north, we must always prepare and train — but there are no winds of war.”

He made the comments during the Golani Brigade’s biannual run, which began yesterday. Maj. Gen. Golan took part in the run, alongside Golani’s soldiers and commanders.

Residents along Israel’s border with Syria have been on heightened alert for months as the conflict in Syria has escalated and pushed closer to the country’s borders.

Meanwhile, the Northern Command announced that Israel’s northern airspace is expected to reopen for commercial flights Monday. It was decided on Sunday to limit flights until Thursday due to the tension in the north.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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