Israel National News had a  breaking news item this week under the title “Kerry Expects Israeli Concessions to PA down the Line.” We were  told,

      The US has requested the EU give them sole responsibility for brokering peace with the PA, and Secretary John Kerry will soon present a two-stage negotiation program.

According to Kerry’s proposal, negotiations with the PA without preconditions, pertaining to PA statehood and Israeli security guarantees. Following an agreement on these points in principle, The PA will receive hefty financial reinforcement as a reward, in addition to a bonus Israeli construction freeze.

That’s diplomacy for you. Abbas drops preconditions and Israel agrees to a settlement freeze as a bonus. Thus Israel will satisfy one of his previous preconditions.

Another example of diplomacy at work is the major concessions Netanyahu got from Obama in his first term. Early on Obama made the statement that negotiations should proceed without preconditions and that the conflict must be settled by direct negotiations between the parties. One wonders what Netanyahu gave in return.

Obama kept repeating this mantra, but he also ignored it. He made it is his policy to support a deal based on the ’67 lines and swaps.  Kerry, to buttress this, announced an alleged amendment to the Arab Peace Initiative wherein the Arab countries agreed to swaps providing they were minor. But the truth is that swaps were always part of the discussions.

Both Kerry and Obama expect major concessions by Israel.  It seems to me that such expectations fly in the face of Israel’s right to negotiate which right includes the right to say no to any offer they don’t like and to keep saying no if they are not satisfied with subsequent offers. Thus Israel’s right to negotiate has been greatly compromised.

Not all negotiations end in a deal.  If a seller offers his house at a price of $1 million and a buyer offers $500,000 for it, it is possible that a mutually agreed price will be arrived at through negotiations.  But it is also possible that no price is mutually acceptable. What Kerry and Obama are telling Israel, the Seller, is, that you must accept  $550,000 whether you like it or not. What kind of negotiation is that.

Netanyahu understands this doublespeak. He uses it to mislead his electorate while at the same time acting otherwise. Look at how many conflicting things we have been told about the freeze; there is a freeze, there is no freeze, there is only a freeze to help Kerry get negotiations started knowing full well that if negotiations start the freeze will last as long as the negotiations. Netanyahu during elections kept repeating that Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of Israel forever.  Who now believes he won’t agree to divide Jerusalem.

His only redlines, for now at least, are that the PA must agree to be a demilitarized state and must recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people. Everything else is negotiable. He keeps stressing that he …read more
Source: Israpundit


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