Israel’s Supreme Court ruled Thursday, that a Jewish man currently living in Lod must be extradited to the United States within 60 days to face assault charges stemming from an incident 3 years ago.

According to the indictment issued against Yitzchak Shuchat in the U.S., he hit a black youth for no apparent reason, sending him to the hospital with wounds to his back and his hand. The former member of the Shmira patrol group in Crown Heights is also accused of trying to attack someone who was with the youth.

Proceedings against Shuchat began a year ago, when Israel’s lower court judges ruled to extradite him but his attorneys appealed the decision.

If convicted, he faces up to 12 years behind bars. Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes is prosecuting the case.
Shuchat’s attorney questioned the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying it did not take into account the danger Shuchat would be facing in American prison.

“Details of his event will be made known to black prisoners and prison guards and there is no doubt that they will try to hurt him, to the risk of death,” he said.

He noted that despite the court’s ruling, Israel’s Justice Minister has the the final authority and is entitled to take into account other factors when deciding whether to extradite the man or not. He said he hoped Minister Yaakov Neeman would take the dangers in consideration.

Source: COL Live


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