It is presumptuous in the extreme to say that significant elements of the Orthodox Jewish community are reflexively opposed to a second Obama term and therefore in favor of a Romney presidency.  It is just not so.

The opening of three presidential debates the other night, were eye-opening and indeed very helpful for the unusually large numbers of people who consider themselves undecided voters.  I have encountered quite unexpectedly a number of Obama supporters over the last few weeks in our readership community that refuse to consider voting for Mitt Romney.

The few that I have casually and unofficially polled say that they like Barrack Obama and that they even like his policies in reference to the all-important US-Israel relationship.  That he has displayed open disrespect and even hostility to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t bother some of them at all.  “Listen, 50% of the Israeli people is opposed to the Netanyahu government,” one such polled person commented.

I have to admit that I was at first taken aback by the pro-Obama second term supporters.  I believed that Americans had enough of the Obama bad news and tough times ahead approach to the American way of life.  But a good number that I have encountered are respectful of the president and the daunting task of leading the US at this point in time.  They say that they have no problem with his Israel policy and that he has supplied Israel with more weapons and weapons technology than any prior president.

Still when nudged a few of those spoken to conceded that though they are inclined to support the president they can still be categorized as “undecided.”

It’s a little funny how after nearly two years of campaigning the whole thing comes down to these last few weeks.  I can say that at no point in this process was I able to say that I was undecided.  If there is a need to categorize or characterize where I stand as a voter I would label it, “over-decided,” in favor of Mr. Romney for many reasons.   How about you?


  1. obama acts in Israels interest when he sees no other choice. he knows the congress and the american people are overwhelmingly supportive of Israel. he is a knee jerk leader, it appears he takes a poll over every major decision and this is what governs his action. a real leader would do whats best for the country and not whats best for himself.
    and how come no body brings up the fact that he takes a vacation every 4 weeks or so.

  2. Remember one thing! On the West Bank, there are 2 million Arabs vs. 300,000 say Jews. You think you will drive the Arabs off the West Bank! Remember the term Ethnic Cleansing? Think about it.

    PS Why aren’t there lets say 5-10,000 Jewish teenagers from the Five Towns in the IDF not aliyah or yeshiva!

    Thank you


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