Before last Shabbos, I read an oped in the New York Times that is blaming the Gaza conflict firmly on Israel for not recognizing the unity government of Fatah and Hamas and not allowing Hamas to have their salaries… Well, “No” idiotic NY Times.

On the same day even the BBC’s Webpage, reported under a headline, “Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum”, what has happened to Christians living in the Iraqi city of Mosul now under the control of ISIS.

They have been given three choices. They may convert to Islam. They can pay an Islamic “protection tax” a Dhimma. They can be murdered.

“We offer them three choices: Islam; the dhimma contract – involving payment of jizya; if they refuse this they will have nothing but the sword,” the Isis statement said.

The Christians ran and Mosul became, Christianrein.

The same BBC page reported more attacks in Nigeria by Boko Haram, “Many people are feared dead after suspected Boko Haram Islamist gunmen attack the town of Damboa in north-eastern Nigeria.”

So New York Times, the cause of the conflict in Gaza is an ascendant “Islamism”, which Hamas self evidently represents and as ISIS demonstrates with Iraqi Christians, will not tolerate anyone who does not convert or submit to their evil.

From other UK headlines of “Trojan horse” plots to infiltrate and Islamize UK Muslim children in Birmingham public schools ( and other Western cities too… wait and see ) to Iran’s scramble for nuclear weapons, one thread connects it all.

Israel, in taking the fight to Hamas, is actually combating and confronting Islamo Fascism and Islamist neo-naziism. Don’t forget that the head of Hamas called for the killing of all Jews anywhere in the world, whether they are Zionists or like me not. Israel is not popular for taking the fight to Hamas for two reasons.

The first is an old one. Nothing has Jew haters foaming at the mouth more than Jews fighting back. From attacks on Paris Synagogues to demonstrations in Germany, Switzerland, India and in fact almost everywhere the slogans and screams are against “the Jews”. Take Berlin at an anti Israel demonstration on the 17th just for example, “Jude Jude, Feiges Schwein, komm heraus und kampf allein.” Jew Jew, cowardly pig come out here and fight on your own.

The second is a terror and reluctance of confronting a common threat, from Boston Bombers to Boko Haram, that threatens so much and so many.

Islamists Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby, hacking him to death on a London street with a cleaver and a knife. After their conviction they were dragged to the cells screaming, Britain and America will never be safe.

 They are linked to the UK’s home grown (and now outlawed), Al-Muhajiroun. These Islamists share precisely the same beliefs and philosophy as Hamas.

In 2007, five young Muslims with Al-Muhajiroun connections were convicted of a multiple bombing plot to use fertilizer bombs “which police say could have killed hundreds of British people”. They declared the 9/11 murderers, “The Magnificent 19”. Another Al Muhajiroun follower, Asif Mohammed Hanif travelled from London to Israel to kill three people and injure 60 more in a suicide bombing of a café in Tel Aviv.

Europe and America shelter many more Hanifs and Al Muhajirouns. Ordinary people know this and are afraid. The scope of the threat hovering over the UK (and other western countries) makes the threat it faced in the past from the Provisional IRA look small fry.

People prefer, “Neville Chamberlain” like words of comfort and assurances that all will be well, no matter how hollow and ephemeral they know these words to be.

A word of caution. Many, many Muslims, probably most, often good and brave people, oppose Islamists and Islamism. They are routinely intimidated into silence. That is a tragedy. They know after all, that Islamists are happy to position them and use them as collateral damage. Still in an atmosphere of gangsterism, the majority are silenced and their wishes trampled.

A facilitator of this is the Left and Liberals (“There is nothing more intolerant as a Liberal” Ray Hill, ex British Nazi) who rationalize a philosophy, which spits in the mouth of everything they espouse.

They smugly and pompously like to refer to themselves as “Progressives”, blithely implying that anyone who disagrees with their Weltschaft is stagnant or regressive. But they are not “progressive”.

You cannot excuse medievalism, casual and institutional misogyny and a religio-fascist imperialism and be anything other than a knave.

So many Nazis in the 1920s began their politics as socialists and evolved into evil. You see it so often in the left today.

They abound in the media and passionately rationalize the irrational, as long as it is against the West in general and Jews in particular.

Their obscuring of the truth and the actual threat those they protect poses, represents a greater threat than the Jihadis and Al Quaedas they sympathize with and in so doing ally themselves to.

“You have to try to understand what drove suicide bombers to target and kill innocent civilians” and other such mantras are indicators of where their sympathies lie.

Can there be peace between an Israel and a Palestine? Of course, at least I believe so. Two States. Compromise and land swaps. From my point of view, peace and people, both Arab and Israeli, Muslim and Jew… are way more important than land and nationalistic pride.

Can their be a peace between Israel and Islamists, of course not. But then there can be no peace and will be no peace between Islamists and anyone who will not submit to them.

Israel’s greatest crime in the eyes of the Left and the world, is to force them to confront that fact and that truth.

Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein


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