ITV’s Dan Rivers Tweets Iraq photo as from Gaza (Twitter)

ITV reporter, Dan Rivers, on Sunday apologized for re-tweeting a harrowing photo purporting to be from the Israel — Hamas conflict.

What he originally mistook for a photo of a child sitting among bodies and wreckage from Israeli bombardment of targets in Gaza, in fact turned out to be of a scene of devastation in Mosul, Iraq, instead.

Within minutes, however, dozens of pro-Israel critics of western media coverage of events in Israel and Gaza savaged Rivers for what many assumed was a pro-Palestinian bias in his choice of photos.

The Israeli government and IDF content that they only strike Hamas terror targets, and are working to shut down numerous concealed tunnels that run into Israeli territory, as well as the infrastructure for launching rocket salvos against civilian targets within Israel.

CNN’s Dan Rivers Tweets Iraq photo as from Gaza 2 (Twitter)

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Source: The Algemeiner


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