IVDU Model Matzah Bakery


In the spirit of Pesach, IVDU Long Island, a division of Yachad, was excited to host the Chai Center’s traveling model matzah bakery from the Chabad of Dix Hills. The students were enthralled by an entertaining skit featuring Moshe Rabbeinu and Pharaoh, illustrating the ten makkos and the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim. The skit was delivered in a captivating manner and involved the students in song and dance.

Then, the interactive matzah baking was under way! Clad in aprons and hats, the students helped separate the wheat from the chaff. Then, each child had a turn to help grind the wheat into flour. Students were appointed to the task of pouring the flour, water, and mixing in special matzah-baking booths. As the 18 minutes ticked by, the students combined the flour and water, rolled out the dough, and made beautiful individual matzos. Each student draped their matzah over a wooden pole and enjoyed the matzos once they were baked. A special thank-you to Rabbi Weinbaum and his assistant for giving a spectacular presentation. Next year in Yerushalayim!


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