J.B. Handley. Photo courtsey of Chelsea Green Publishing

By J.B. Handley

I am the author of the bestselling book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, which was released by Chelsea Green Publishing in September. I read publisher/editor Larry Gordon’s “Medical Dilemmas” article from November 30, citing an interview I gave on Coast to Coast AM, and I also read two follow-up letters from Dr. Aaron E. Glatt who took exception to Mr. Gordon’s article.

My knowledge about vaccines was hard-earned. Like many parents, my wife and I ceded decisions about vaccination to our local pediatrician. We had a singular motivation: keep our children safe and healthy. You’d think that two Stanford grads would do their own research, but my wife and I really didn’t. I had no idea that in 1986 vaccine makers were given blanket indemnity from liability by the U.S. Congress. I didn’t know the vaccine schedule in the United States had tripled since the mid-1980s. Or that the U.S. government had paid out $4 billion for vaccine injuries. Or that other developed countries give many fewer vaccines, and have much less autism. I didn’t know the hepatitis B vaccine, often given on day one of life, only provided protection for four years. Or that autism, ADHD, asthma, and allergies were all skyrocketing, and that their rise corresponded to changes in the vaccine schedule. I couldn’t know that biological science would show how a vaccine can injure an infant’s brain, because it hadn’t been published yet. And I certainly had never read the many published studies showing how vaccines can result in both autoimmunity and neurological damage.

Most significantly, I believed the narratives that appealed to emotion and trust in authority we often hear about vaccines. Herd immunity, for example: Nobody wants to be the selfish parent who puts everyone else at risk. Vaccination is important, not only for our own kids but for the health of the community, especially the vulnerable, right? Well, no one really knows because we’ve never come close to achieving herd immunity through vaccines. Ever. Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, explains:

“That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness two to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50 percent or more of the population was unprotected for decades.”

“Herd immunity” is one of the many sophisticated PR strategies designed to compel parents into vaccinating their children through emotional manipulation. When we witnessed our second son decline, both physically (eczema, allergies, distended belly, poor sleep) and neurologically (loss of all words, loss of social skills, autism diagnosis), after each of his vaccine appointments, it was like our very trust in the world we thought we knew was shaken forever. We opened our eyes, and reached a simple conclusion: Yes, vaccines have reduced the incidence of certain acute illnesses, but the very real risks of vaccines are understated and suppressed.

Today, many scientists around the world believe vaccines — in a bloated, poorly tested, and very new vaccine schedule — are the primary triggers of the massive spike in neurological and autoimmunity epidemics our children are experiencing. Scientists like Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld from Israel, arguably the world’s foremost expert on autoimmunity, who wrote a textbook any parent can read: Vaccines and Autoimmunity.

Which brings me back to Dr. Glatt. He wants the Five Towns community to believe there is no debate about vaccines. He writes, “The evidence is overwhelming that vaccination is the only way to control these preventable fatal diseases.” That’s simply untrue. Since 1900, the mortality rate of Americans has declined by 74 percent. Before the massive uptick in vaccines in the late 1990s, public health officials were far more honest about why mortality rates had declined so much. According to a paper by McKinlay & McKinlay in 1977, roughly 1–3.5 percent of the mortality decline was due to medical measures, including vaccines. The other 97 percent? Clean water, less crowded conditions, hygiene, refrigeration, and better nutrition. Those are the facts. Most diseases we vaccinate for are rarely fatal. Before the measles vaccine was introduced in the late 1960s, the death rate from measles in the United States was 0.24 per 100,000 people. CDC scientists, in 1966, said the following, “for centuries the measles virus has maintained a remarkably stable ecological relationship with man. The clinical disease is a characteristic syndrome of notable constancy and only moderate severity. Complications are infrequent, and, with adequate medical care, fatality is rare.” That was more than 50 years ago! Imagine what today’s medical care would do to the already low mortality rate from measles.

We have to be honest with parents about the adverse events from the MMR vaccine and decide if they outweigh the benefits of reducing the incidence of a mild childhood illness. According to Physicians for Informed Consent, a large group of doctors in California:

“There is no evidence that the measles vaccine causes less death or permanent disability than measles. Safety studies of the measles vaccine are particularly lacking in statistical power. A review of more than 60 measles vaccine studies conducted for the Cochrane Library states, ‘The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate.’ Because permanent sequalae (after effects) from measles, especially in individuals with normal levels of vitamin A, are so rare, the level of accuracy of the research studies available is insufficient to prove that the vaccine causes less death or permanent injury than measles.”

The choice to exclude students who have not been vaccinated for measles makes no sense. Doesn’t the vaccine protect all the vaccinated children? More importantly, parents must always maintain the right to decide which medical interventions they will — and won’t — give their children. The first point of the Nuremberg Code is very clear on this topic, requiring the “voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject” on any medical intervention. How can vaccines, with known risks, be an exception to this universal rule?

Dr. Glatt claims the notion that “vaccines cause autism” is simply “false.” I wrote an entire book on this topic, with hundreds of scientific studies cited, and I couldn’t disagree more vigorously. Does Dr. Glatt know that only a single vaccine (MMR) and a single ingredient (thimerosal) have been studied for their relationship to autism? What about all the new research published since 2010, through animal studies, showing exactly how a vaccine causes brain damage and triggers the same biomarkers we are finding in autism? Dr. Glatt claims that I am “making a lot of money off his anti-vaxxer position” but I guess he failed to read my book’s back cover, where it clearly states that I am donating 100 percent of my book proceeds to autism charities. I will never earn even one penny from my book.

Dr. Glatt seems outraged that Mr. Gordon’s article is “suggesting that people should not follow their physician’s advice.” No, Dr. Glatt, I believe what Mr. Gordon is saying is that parents are getting mixed advice, depending on which doctor they talk to. Take my own family’s pediatrician here in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Paul Thomas. He went to Dartmouth Medical School and is a member of the AAP. Here’s what he has to say:

“If your pediatrician has not yet done his or her own research and is just parroting the ‘vaccines are safe and effective’ marketing phrase, it is time for you to get a new pediatrician.”

Parents of the Five Towns, I couldn’t agree more. From one parent to another: do your own research. Be very skeptical of anyone who wants you to blindly follow their assertions and makes no room for an open debate. On that note: I invite Dr. Glatt to a live debate in a public forum. Dr. Glatt says about me, “this Mr. ‘expert’ has no advanced medical degree” so it should be pretty easy to put me in my place with facts and published studies (the kind my new book is filled with; I hope you take the time to read it).

J.B. Handley graduated from Stanford University with honors, majoring in Economics and East Asian Studies. He co-founded and co-ran for two decades a middle-market private equity firm, Swander Pace Capital, with more than $1.5 billion under management and retired in 2013. Today, Mr. Handley is a member of the board of directors of Great Ajax (AJX), Vigor Industrial, and WildFang. He and his wife Lisa founded Generation Rescue and are the proud parents of three children.

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  1. Just WOW. It is sooooo refreshing to see the Emes the clear truth from JB handley vs the Sheker false lies and condescending bullying of Dr. Glatt.

    If Dr. Glatt thinks he has a legitimate case to make for vaccines lets see him debate J.B. Handley in a civilized moderated debate, with some one like Larry Gordon as a moderator. It can be live in the 5 towns with an audience. It will be all fair, each one can submit 10-20 questions to the moderator, and BOTH will have the chance to answer them. They can then take questions from the audience.

    This can be recorded and uploaded to this website for people to see all over the world.
    The Torah says “Shtika Kehoda’a” if one is silent non responsive it’s an admission of defeat.
    If Dr. Glatt does NOT take the challenge, he admits he has NO case to stand on and J.B. Handley wins.

    I expect to see an updated answer on this website by the end of the year. 12/31/2018
    Will Dr. Glatt Debate or conceded and be defeated.

    Please reply if you agree, and ask Larry to invite Dr. Glatt, and post the answer by 1/1/2019

    • I think this is a brilliant idea. I feel that if all parties are confident there is no fear in a healthy discussion. When in all areas of Torah when there are two ways of thought, they discuss the merits until the come to a conclusion. Why here is only one side able to set the dialogue? People need to hear the other side from a well educated and research based individual. People should not decide based on fear and tales. It should be fact and proofs.

    • How can one Not agree!! It’s time ppl can hear for themselves the arguments for and against live! It will say even more if Dr. Glatt did not agree to the debate.

    • Debate. My kids are getting kicked out of school for not being fully vaccinated. But i am sctuslly more upset with the state of judaism where mist rabbis are trusting the doctors who are trusting the cdc who are trusting the acip who are 15 people with strong ties to pharma and conflicts of interest. Debate!

  2. Yes!! I agree with JB Handley on this! Invite Dr Glatt to a live debate so we can all get a better understanding of both sides, the pros and the cons of vaccinating. And please post when it will be so we can tune in and watch it live. Thank you!!

  3. Wow, I am floored after reading this. I would be very interested in a debate. All we want is what is best for our Holstein, and it is absolutely not fair that we aren’t given all the information. @Dr. Glatt, please, let’s hear a debate.

  4. So impressed with 5TJT! Thank you for being balanced and willing to hear and share more than one side. Especially with al the fear and hatred being spread in our frum communities. Thank you for spreading some light.

  5. Excellent idea..to have an open debate at this time about a most crucial situation would be so beneficial to us as mothers, fathers, and grandparents. We need to know all the facts and if there is anything that we can or should or should not do for our children.

  6. I think a debate is a great idea. Like in politics – for all the people that are on either side of the argument (the unwavering base) there are a large number that are undecided. Unlike politics, this issue has a much larger undecided group. These are people that know that it is not right to be forced to receive any medical treatment, but are also convinced by the doctors and the Rabbonim that they must do it. The thing about a public debate is that one way or another the truth will come out, and the thing about truth – it is not afraid of being out in the light. The truth is never afraid. If Rabbi Dr. Glatt thinks that truth is on his side than he should not be afraid of a public debate. Rmban debated Pablo Christiani publicly, and the king gave him 300 gold and stated that never before had he heard “an unjust cause so nobly defended.” Rmban had to flee Spain after winning the debate but he was not afraid of the truth.

    To put it in terms of science fiction for those of us so inclined it is the choice between conforming to the Borg because “Resistance is Futile” and being unplugged from the Matrix. The truth will make the Matrix dissolve right before your eyes. It might be uncomfortable at first but it’s worth it!

  7. Mr. Fivetowns father you are 100% right! The pro vax doctors always refuse to debate because they know the truth and the anti vax are always ready to debate! Dr. Glatt we are awaiting your response.

  8. Thank you for presenting the “other side” of the vaccine issue. It is so refreshing to see someone well researched to present the true facts about vaccines and there lack of safety and efficacy.

  9. Come on Mr Glatt, if your opinion is so glatt, why are you hiding behind the paper instead of a debate? . Did you ever compare the health of our kids, to these of full vaxxed kids.

    • If someone who believed the Earth was flat asked a scientist to engage in a debate, the scientist would decline to avoid giving a bogus viewpoint a platform. So should Dr. Glatt.

      • The problem is, that those who believe and trust the doctors blindly are like the ones who think the earth is flat. So much information had come out about the dangers of vaccines, yet they are still stuck in the past…

  10. smh
    Literally every claim Handley makes is false.
    But don’t take my word for it. Places such as Science Based Medicine has extensive discussions on how clinical research is done and how anti-vaccination claims don’t meet minimal standards.

    Or look at what is posted by WHO or the CDC.

    Or go to the online posting of various nations vaccination standards and see for yourself that what the antivaccination activists say about nation (fill in the blank) are false.

    Very disappointed in 5TJT for running this bit of propaganda from a movement which is always anti-science, and often anti-Semitic as well.

    • BSD
      Daniel – it’s good to keep trying to make crooked “science” something we all need to have shoved down our throats…people like you have been the impetus to get many parents to finally brave the challenge to speak up and protect their nonvaxd children. I can’t imagine that there’d be a sum of money worth it for a G-d conscious person to take to suggest ANYONE take a damaging vaccine or drug when there are dozens of much better ways to be vibrantly healthy. Healthy people respect other people’s decisions & don’t force their fear-based notions on others.

  11. ADHD on the rise? I don’t think so. Remember Arnold Fine’s (Jewish Press – I Remember When) little brother Beryl? There were always kids like that. They were called behavior problems, and other things. ADHD is just labeling them. It’s not new.
    And as far as the measles, what about the babies that we’d like to protect, but can’t be vaccinated because they’re too young? Are you keeping your unvaccinated children away from them and their siblings? And yes siblings, because a child who is only partially immunized can infect an unprotected child even if they themselves don’t get sick.

    • BSD
      RF – it’s really really hard to swallow that we’ve all been betrayed by “the system”. Our education purposely omitted the most crucial course in order to have the best life possible. The name of that course: “How to smell a rat”. A tip off is that most pHARMa doctors behave the way they were indoctrinated to, and that is kindly intimidation. I recognized that “theme” only AFTER making it my business to learn how psychological & emotional manipulation works. I recently took the time to peruse medical & nursing textbooks (pHARMa-published). The language that is taught in to intimidate patients so that they don’t ask too many questions. Healers are taught to be humble and to empower those who seek healing. Doctors diagnose & treat disease vs healers help people to heal and become balanced. Check out HealthMeans.com. There are so many online courses on health from doctors who defected from the pHARMa model of health destruction. Many of these summits are free while they air online. There are 3 excellent ones on vaccines: healing from vaccines, vaccines-revealed.com, the truth about vaccines. RealImmunity.com is a beautiful explanation of how the immune system REALLY works. About time we ALL learned that!

    • We will keep our unvaccinated children away from your babies if you keep away all vaccinated children who are not immune (because the vaccine “didn’t take”) as well as the huge proportion of adults who are no longer immune. There are many scientific studies that point to waning immunity as a real problem and some scientists for that reason are calling for the next generation measles vaccine. But we don’t need to look at studies–just take a look at how many vaccinated people in the current outbreak have been contracting and spreading the disease, including the index case in Monsey and possibly other places as well. A baby in Chicago just got the measles, reportedly from a vaxxed sibling who brought it from Lakewood. Put simply, a healthy unvaccinated child with no known exposure to the measles is not any more a risk to your child than the crowds at the grocery, at simchas, and at the mall.

      • The child in Chicago only got the vaccine a day before travelling to Lakewood. EVERYONE know it takes TWO WEEKS to work. He was still unprotected when he became infected. Please get your facts straight.

        • Could it be the measles he got was the reaction of his vaccination which he got the day before?! How come nobody mentioned that idea?

  12. Thank you 5TJT for encouraging open and honest debate. Your courage is admirable. (It is unfortunate that in this land of free speech, one must be ‘brave’ to speak his mind!)

    An open and honest debate with both sides presented is the only way to heal this deep division in klal yisrael. There needs to be respect for each person’s choice.

    Nuremberg Codes call for informed consent. I know this is sorely lacking when it comes to doctors administering vaccinations. The vast majority of recipients are totally unaware that any danger is attached to them let alone the true magnitude.

    For the record, the CDC has been caught red handed with falsfying data and all of a sudden we are believing the UN’s WHO? In any case, Mr. Handley is more than capable of proving his case of buyer beware with the real science that is already out there.

    With tefillos to Hashem that each and every child is kept healthy and safe.

  13. Thank you 5TJT for allowing a little light on the issue. I ran the numbers and in a couple of decades 50% of children will be autistic based on the rate of increase. this truly is the issue of our times. Our population are guinea pigs for industry. The issue will not go away because so many educated and successful people like Mr. Handley have looked into the evidence which shows clearly how our children have been damaged with no accountability by the medical and pharmaceutical interests. It is more than a civil matter, it is a gross criminal matter. The authorities are one with the criminals and only with shedding light on the subject will the crimes of destroying our children eventually stop. Anyone with an open mind, which is in itself rare, will be overwhelmed by the evidence that is readily available. Dr. Glatt will never debate an intelligent person with facts. His arguments are all based upon coercion and intimidation. Heaven help us for the destruction of a generation.

    • BSD
      Understand that WE (the “lay” people) are becoming very threatening to the doctors who have NOT done their requisite homework on vaccines. All the doctors who are risking their lives to warn & educate the public are mechayev ALL the doctors in our communities whose vax-derived monies support ALL our Jewish institutions. If there’s a way to expose all the problems of the patients of any vax pediatrician by comparing to health & brain function of a nonvax pediatrician’ patients – that would be IDEAL! There’s a wonderful nonvax pediatrician in E. Northport. Every parent who goes to him and never vaxd asks him if their child is s child prodigy. His answer is a consistent – “no, just a normal nonvaxd child responsibly cared for by loving parents”. As parents allow themselves to be open to the truth – it doesn’t matter how many bought principals & rabbis compromise their integrity & attempt to coerce doing a ludicrously damaging medical procedure – they will be responsible & protect their children. We all need to accelerate this awareness! Please become active by sharing the YouTubes on the truth about vaccines with neighbors, family, and anyone on the fence. BEH We WILL reach critical mass SOON!

  14. Del Bigtree spoke at an event recently. He discussed many aspects of the vaccine industry – the lack of safety studies, the 2013 IOM”s report that states no studies have been done to show the safety of the CDC vaccine schedule. He played recordings of Dr. Thompson and Brian Hooker about the CDC. He discussed the fact that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued, that the govt vaccine court is adversarial, and that many adverse reactions are not reported to VAERS. He discussed specifics of conflict of interest in the vaccine industry and how adults are being targeted with forced flu vaccinations (like nurses and child care workers, for example) and more will follow. Please take the time to listen to what Del has to say on these and other topics related to vaccines:

  15. Thank you Mr. Gordon and Mr. Handley for your honest unbiased reporting. The only answer in this heated and divisive debate is open dialogue and discussion. It seems that the most concerning factor we’re experiencing today is the unjustified expulsion of hundreds of young, innocent Jewish students from yeshivahs whose parents have made an educated and informed decision to not vaccinate them. Expelling a child from school is humiliating, traumatic and damaging – even if it followed behavioral issues. But to expel them based on a hyped fear of an outbreak in the Orthodox communities (when in reality measles in the NY area has been minimal and at worst an inconvenience, since measles is a safe childhood illness in developed countries), targeting children who in reality pose no real risk and stripping them of a Jewish education can Chas V’sholom have lasting effects on that child’s Jewish identity and those of his/her future generations. Do Jewish educators care more about CDC guidelines than the Torah we received from Moshe at Sinai? More rabbis, editors, doctors and leaders have to confront this issue and stand up for the truth.

    • BSD
      Sara – please consider a different take on the situation. I tell parents who’ve been ousted by pediatricians for nonvax that they should be very grateful since these morally compromised doctors are dangerous. Many have no qualms about reporting parents to “the authorities” if they can. Similarly- schools that insist on vax are not schools you want your child in – it is SO clear that the procedure itself is k’FEAR’ah and forcing it on children is as disgusting as it gets. It’s time for G-d fearing parents to get creative and find likeminded parents to create your own wonderful educational venues. This challenge can truly be something all these children will fondly look back on. We don’t live in the dark ages – there is so much you can teach the children that they will never learn in these compromised institutions – like the miraculous ways that children’s psychoneuroimmunological system develops through experiencing acute infections like chicken pox, measles, rubella, pertussis. They can learn how consuming necessary nutrients will help them overcome any challenges from infections. They can learn a “medical” modality that is growing by leaps & bounds the world over despite pHARMa’s many attempts to stamp it out -HOMEOPATHY. It’s used by 1/2 billion people in many countries. The pHARMa top executives used homeopathy but push dangerous drugs on you. There are wonderful books and online courses on homeopathy. Check out the documentary called Magic Pills. mBraining is another wonderful education that will help the next generation become less apt to be conned by the “system” as we all were.

  16. Mr. Gordon, The fact that you published this is appalling at best and highly irresponsible at worst. This man and his ilk are part of the reasons for the major measles outbreaks in Israel, Williamsburg, Monsey, and Lakewood. He has no scientific, medical, or research background, nor can he provide independent, peer-reviewed, or scientifically sound studies proving his point. There are not 2 sides to this argument. Vaccines work, full stop. This article must be pulled from your publication and disavowed posthaste.

    • AH, please buy Mr. Handley’s book, How to Stop the Autism Epidemic, which is loaded with cited scientific studies and legal testimony. Then come back on this site and post again. You may think differently. Thank you. Remember what Sy Syms used to say, “An educated consumer is our best customer” !

    • By the way, FYI – the “growing” measles outbreak continues ONLY where people are kowtowing to their ignorant religious & medical authorities & VAXING (abusing) their children. In neighboring Moslem/Arab communities-there are NO such outbreaks because they reject vaccines like the MMR that contain PIG DNA. Religious Jews who don’t contaminate their “nefesh”, their blood – by NOT EATING PIG – somehow think that injecting PIG directly into the blood won’t contaminate our babies’ pure blood???? Thinking caps – anyone????

  17. Think how the expert doctors fooled everyone saying smoking does not cause cancer. or better yet, that it’s better to feed babies formula than to breastfeed. Would you be one of those to believe that? Then why aren’t you investigating vaccines. Does it make sense that all the vaccines are so safe that nobody should worry about injury! Com’on people please start thinking.

  18. Where are the safety studies for vaccines? There are none. They merely inject the exact same offensive material into the test and ‘placebo’ groups only one has the antigen and the other doesn’t.

    They said Thalidomide was safe too!

    Also, I wish the pro-vax (at all costs) faction would cease the ad hominem attacks on the pro-choice/pro-safety group. Contrary to the propaganda, the most informed and educated people are the ones who choose NOT to vaccinate. The other parents do not take the time to do any investigation. If they did, it might give them pause. At the very least, they would be posing some tough questions to their healthcare providers.

    Let democracy and free trade of ideas reign. The Founding Fathers had radical notions and draining the swamp is tough. Bringing issues to the light of day will result in a safer and freer world for everyone.

  19. Wow! How refreshing! Thank you 5tjt for bringing freedom of press and freedom of speech back to the American culture! It’s been gone for too long!
    We need this debate. It’s been long overdue. Dr Glatt this is your chance! You want us all to believe and follow. Show us the science and we’ll be glad to follow truth.

  20. Vaccines save lives, and when communities lose their herd immunity, children start to die of preventable childhood diseases. Anti-vaxxers are putting the most vulnerable among us at risk – babies too young for gaccines, the immunocompromised, and those who are unable to get vaccinated for health reasons. Shame on 5TJT for publishing this conspiracy-theory nonsense.

    • No, the ones who put those most vulnerable at risk are the scientists who, with a high dose of arrogance, created the measles vaccine and initiated a huge experiment. The measles in the pre-vaccine era primarily afflicted school-age children, the population that is best able to handle it. Babies were protected by their mothers’ antibodies, and adults were almost all immune for life from natural measles. In the post-vaccine era, the school-age children are highly immune, but babies are no longer well-protected by their vaccinated mothers’ antibodies, and many adults are no longer immune, because the vaccine does not confer lifelong immunity in the majority of the population. Add to this that third measles boosters are largely ineffective, and you have a recipe for the outbreaks that are occurring now and which may only get worse.

    • Erin, dear – there’s a very good chance you will change your thinking on this when you choose to detox from the vaccines & other pHARMa products you’ve been subjected to in your life. I often see that when people commit to a healthy life, emphasizing healing the gut & balancing the microbiome – their thinking ALSO becomes healthy. Check out well.org & healthmeans.com

  21. Well, that’s it for me reading the 5 Towns Jewish Times. Vaccines save the lives of the immunized and those who cannot be vaccinated because they are immunocompromised — but who cares about facts, let’s talk about a story you heard from your brother-in-law, who heard it from his rabbi, who heard it from his wife, who heard it from her chiropractor once!

    This nonsensical, anti-scientific blather is dangerous, and the opposite of “v’chai bahem.” Deaths can, will, and have resulted over this venal foolishness, and those losses will be on your heads. Shame on this paper, and everyone who is willing to make others suffer because they are too selfish to follow medical science.

  22. For those of you who are anti commonly after upon science (aka vaccines) in favor of the minority opinion, do/would you take your child to a hospital? Give them medications? Allow EMS to give life saving drugs?
    It’s the same science and scientists, as well as governing bodies.
    Be consistent! Refuse transfusions and chemo and antibiotics! Trust in bananas and Tai chi!

    • Shmuli – it’s really ironic because I know that communities that reject vaccination as part of a system that indoctrinates doctors to think that humans can’t manage without them rarely ever need all those “rescue” interventions. If they REALLY cared about people’s welfare – why can’t their services be available as people believe they want/need them. Forcing vaccines down people’s throats is NOT about improving ANYONE’s health except for the financial health of the morally compromised shareholders. An independent group of MORAL scientists just did a lab analysis on infarix hexa vaccine – check it out – the most vile “technologically advanced” toxins were found – how many more babies need to be maimed & murdered before these criminals get locked up. By your advocating for vaccines instead of fighting this evil – you become part of the problem. The ONLY way justice will happen is like the courageous Italian citizens did – protest by the thousands.

  23. The Five Towns Jewish Times in their quest to provide both sides to every debate except all the ones they don’t feel like has now given a platform to child killers and autism shamers despite all medical and all rabbinic advice in their area. If you run a baby coffin business, maybe put some advertisements in their paper, but otherwise, this is obscene and I hope they lose all their sponsors. They won’t. People don’t care about this. But they should. This isn’t a debate. Children literally die.

    • Moty- there is a psychological truth called “kol haPoseil, b’mumo poseil” – so when you point a finger at genuinely responsible parents who don’t abuse their children with vaccines, calling them “child killers” – notice the 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

      Before assuming vaccines are SOOO beneficial – check out vaccine court claims and the VAERS – those murders and maiming of children recorded are only a tiny smidgen of the REAL numbers. In case you didn’t realize it – there’s a universal “gag order” on ANYONE who disparages vaccines. The medical mafia is known to “take care” of anyone who does reveal vaccine fraud & the media is owned by this same mafia – so don’t thing you’ll hear it on the “NEWS”.

      Just realize another psychological truth – calling someone “conspiracy theorist” is a defense mechanism when someone is afraid they may find out an uncomfortable truth. It’s also called “being in denial”. If that wasn’t the case – why wouldn’t you want to calmly tease out the truth that you may not be aware of? Where’s your innate curiosity – how did it get snuffed out of you and so many in our communities? It’s not only snuffed out – curiosity has been replaced with outright murderous intentions towards anyone even slightly questioning vaccines – because the “rabbis” called nonvaxing parents “murderers”.

      Does that sound G-d conscious attitudes & behavior to you??? Maybe the vaccine-god, but not my beloved Creator Who designed the human body perfectly & when we choose wisely – we have robust health and function potentially till 120 if that’s His will. If we trash our bodies – that’s called “suicide” whether it’s immediate or “slow kill” with VACCINES & other brainless lifestyle choices.

  24. Thank you Mr. Gordon for thinking for yourself and publishing an article that no other orthodox jewish news outlet would dare publish. I have a close family member with a severe vaccine injury, it is so painful that we are being portrayed as cult members all following some demented anti-vax cult leader.

    We are parents who have lost trust in doctors because they have denied that what we saw with our own eyes happened. when you see a healthy six month old baby turn stiff, scream for days, suffer from high fever and siezures within hours after receiving several vaccines and then lose the ability to hold her head up and curl up into a tight twisted and tortured child and you go back to the doctor who denies this could have anything to do with the vaccines. This doctor goes on to be quoted in the frum publications as never having seen any vaccine injury what should we do? continue to go back to these doctors who would obviously deny vaccine injury if it literally smacked them in their face?

    the child by the way was left with lifelong severe disabilities that she suffers from every single day. and she herself was thrown out of school for not being up to date on her vaccines. it’s criminal.

  25. That you would publish this is shameful. Children are dying because of these lies. Mr. Gordon, you need to stop publishing this dishonest material that is causing parents in Jewish communities to avoid vaccination their children before more die. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • The anti-vax movement predates our effort to simply present the two different parts of the issue. Dr. Glatt had his say and Mr. Handley has now has his say. As you can see the letters and comments on the issue are divided. Is there a problem in your estimation with presenting both sides in a reasonable and intelligent fashion?

  26. Yes, debate vaccination! Next debate the flat Earth, then the moon landing, and after that Holocaust denial. They all have books too! Just because it’s a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean it’s not true.

  27. Mr. Gordon – Any way that you can send a few thousand copies of this week’s 5tjt to Israel? While there are enlightened people about vaccines, the Misrad HaBriut hasn’t been prosecuted yet for it’s corruption in pushing vaccines despite the uptick in deaths and severe damage. Many Anglos are still very disconnected from their responsibility to research this deceptively evil procedure. The CDC released their own study “correlating” a 7 fold increase in fetal deaths in women who were vaccinated when pregnant. I’ve begun investigating the rate of stillbirths in the hospitals here and have been quietly told that it’s GOING UP – yet the Misrad Ha”Briut” is still pushing vaccines on pregnant women and the women are mindlessly taking them! Hash-m will certainly take nekama on all these evil ones, but can we please do our part and try to educate our fellow brothers and sisters???

    • The vaccine manufacturers’ inserts state clearly that vaccines have NOT been tested for safety in pregnant women. Would anyone reading this take a medicine if it was not tested for safety? Years ago, no pregnant women was allowed to get vaccinated. For all of you who believe that the pharma companies have your best interests in mind, please let us know what happened that made it safe now to give vaccines to pregnant women. And if you don’t have the answer, maybe ask your doctor what he or she read about this issue so you can enlighten the rest of us. And if you or they come up with no good answer, then maybe you can understand why some educated people do not trust the vaccine manufacturers or others who say that all vaccines at all times are safe for all children.

      • No vaccines or medications are tested on pregnant women at this time. Any information on safety comes from self-reporting or from case studies or longitudinal studies.

      • BSD
        Larry – you should be gebentched! I could just imagine how hard it was to break ranks with the prevailing “gag order” on the foundation of the parnassah & support of the major “benefactors” of ALL our Jewish schools, institutions, and “chessed” organizations – the “vaccine”. As you see – it is the MOST painful and agonizing reality to have been so completely betrayed by the one professional that a parent entrusts the MOST precious entity ever – the well being and function of their offspring. I personally feel that the angst that parents are experiencing now as they continue to angrily snub parents who responsibly did their research and rejected vaccines derives from anger at themselves for not doing the same. I have much younger family members who took their precious babies right into the “lion’s den” to vaccinate their children when they would have been smart to ask me why I stopped vaccinating. Oh – the admiration for credentials over motherly experience and wisdom….they now run from therapist to tutor to help with the children’s serious learning issues. Actually, they’re not SO serious anymore, because there are always others with worse vaccine-induced neurological issues.

        Other Jewish media are the “majority”, but so were the meraglim, and throughout history – it was fear-based group-think that determined “the majority”. To have the genuine zechus to present and stand for TRUTH – a person has to be willing to be ostracized by those who feel compelled to force “their truth” on the community.

        Great comment that I found and MUST be shared:
        Aldous Huxley once remarked, “Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.”
        The problem with a more sensible approach to health matters including a more natural way of life is that it is diametrically opposed to the goals and aims of the medical-pharmaceutical establishment which revolve around selling ever more pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines for the sake of ever increasing profits.
        The industry therefore understandably and rightfully views a trend going in the opposite direction as a disaster in the making. Implementing mandatory vaccination is a vitally important step in this regard, because without some 90% of parents allowing their children to be poisoned for profit, the sickness industry would virtually grind to a halt, with a corresponding loss of profits and loss of jobs. At least half of hospitals would have to close down due to the reduction of chronic ill-health if a majority of parents were to turn their backs on vaccinations.
        This government-sanctioned child abuse and child sacrifice peddled as disease prevention therefore has to continue, because the return to sanity in health care would be the end of the goose that has laid the golden eggs for so long.

        Here’s some leads to research on vaccines in pregnancy:
        In a breathtaking paper entitled, Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons: Was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season? Goldman does what we would hope our impartial governing medical bodies might have. He assesses the shortcomings of our passive reporting system – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – and uses validated statistical methodology to confirm the danger associated with multiple vaccines in pregnancy.
        Clearly, as a perinatal practitioner, I have concerns with even one vaccine administration in pregnancy; however, that women in 2009 were subject to a completely and entirely unstudied combo pack of interventions…

        By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
        The CDC has just published a seismic study (Donahue et al.) linking spontaneous abortions in women to flu vaccines. The study reviewed data for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 flu seasons. Women vaccinated with the inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) in the 2010-2011 season had 3.7-fold greater odds of experiencing a spontaneous abortion within 28 days than women not receiving the vaccine. Over the entire study period (2010 to 2012), the odds for a spontaneous abortion for vaccinated women were 2.0 times greater than for those women not receiving the flu vaccine. Both figures showed a statistically significant increase in miscarriages when women received their flu shot. The median gestational age for spontaneous abortion was 7 weeks in the affected pregnancies. Most alarmingly, in women who received the H1N1 vaccine in the previous flu season, the odds of spontaneous abortion in the 28 days after receiving a flu vaccine were 7.7 times greater. For every flu season, starting in 2010-2011, there has been an H1N1-type virus included in regular flu shots in the United States. For the current 2017-18 flu season, the CDC still recommends that all flu vaccines contain H1N1. This study raises concerns whether this particular strain of influenza antigen is safe during pregnancy.

        Larry – you eased the trauma of having been nastily cut off from a supposed “frum-krum” website when I sent in my true comments on vaccines. There was no insults, no cursing, and no reason other than the truth does not suit an entity being supported by a vaccine-promoting pediatrician who believes he can shut down the truth. “v’derech reshaim y’aveis”. Sorry, but pushing known harmful medicine onto children HAS to be the worst evil. The corruption has been exposed the world over! It’s time we called a spade – a spade.

  28. I’d look forward to Mr Darwin taking care of many of the commenters here, unfortunately I have to share the planet with them and when they cause an outbreak of measles it might get my kid sick. Vaccinate your kids!

    • Gedalia – with every choice we make – it’s either a G-d conscious choice or one in which one disconnects from G-d. Hurling nasty and controlling comments to intelligent, educated, & responsible Torah observant people is a choice based on freakish fear of a developmental acute infection that is STILL celebrated in propaganda-proof communities. If you take the effort to go through the scientific literature as well as the chovos halevovos in shaar habechina- perek 5 in the perush Tov Ha’Levonon that speaks about the infinite kindness of our Creator in providing children with NECESSARY illnesses like exanthematic – rash & pox ones that serve multiple purposes including detoxifying the child – you might yet grow up & stop bullying those who bow to your demands.

  29. The Five Towns Jewish Times is actively putting the lives of Jewish children in danger by printing this. If you advertise with this paper then you are funding this.

    This guy isn’t an “expert” and I strongly recommend you Google his credibility.

    Vaccines arent up for debate and publications like 5TJT acting like there is have Jewish blood on their hands.

  30. Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., about 250,000 people a year. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/22/medical-errors-third-leading-cause-of-death-in-america.html The mortality rate before the measles vaccine was introduced was 400-500 deaths a year–similar to the number of people who died in bath and shower related injuries, as reported by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Yet we all still take baths. Let’s stop with the baby-killer talk–it’s hysterical language that is not based in reality.

      • Your are missing the point. The death of any child is a great tragedy, but vaccine policy is based on numbers and relative risks of mortality. Vaccines carry risk too–in fact, they are legally characterized as “unavoidably unsafe” For a real-life example, I spoke recently to the father of a 2 year old child who passed away as a result of the MMR–confirmed by doctors. The vaccine propagandists would have you believe that thousands upon thousands of children were dying before vaccines were introduced, but it’s simply not true, as can be verified from CDC data. The high number of deaths were at the turn of the century, not in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We all need to internalize that there’s a Ribbono Shel Olom running the world, and part of the plan is that there is disease and death. If it’s not from measles, it’s from leukemia and other causes. As of 2016, the rate of cancer in children through age 19 was 1 in 285. That’s more than 3 cancer cases per thousand children–and these are numbers we can identify with unfortunately, because we all know someone whose child was diagnosed with cancer. And then what about the skyrocketing rates of juvenile diabetes, with the lowered life expectancy it brings, not to mention asthma, another cause of premature death. These are all diseases that have been linked in studies to vaccines, and although we may never know the full extent of the damage, it seems safe to say (and many doctors have said this) that we have traded acute illnesses well tolerated by most children for chronic disease that creates a huge burden on the child, the parents and society–and that brings along with it significant mortality rates.

        By the way–you may not know this, but along with our wonderful status as the most highly vaccinated developed country, we also have the highest infant mortality rate by far–the Washington Post called it a “national embarrassment.”

        The people who are promoting “fear-mongering” are the propagandists whose policy is vaccines at all costs, and the drug companies who are making huge profits off of this zero-liability product. When the famous “Simpsonwood Conference” about thimerosal (mercury preservative) was held, and the evidence was pointing to a link between thimerosal and adverse neurological events (including autism), a bigshot at the WHO, John Clements made the following statement:
        “My mandate as I sit here in this group is to make sure at the end of the day that 100,000,000 are immunized with DTP, Hepatitis B and if possible Hib, this year, next year and for many years to come, and that will have to be with thimerosal containing vaccines unless a miracle occurs and an alternative is found quickly…”
        Just to make sure this statement is clear to all–what Clements is saying is that irrespective of the safety issues that were arising at the conference, his job is to make sure that vaccines are given. There are many similar statements from public health officials–you just have to open your eyes.

        It’s time for the Jewish people to wake up.

        • And here are more quotes from the Simpsonwood conference:

          “the number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” – Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pediatrics. Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

          “the issue is that it is impossible, unethical to leave kids unimmunized, so you will never, ever resolve that issue [regarding the impact of mercury].” – Dr. Robert Chen, Chief of Vaccine Safety and Development, Centers For Disease Control, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

          “Forgive this personal comment, but I got called out at eight o’clock for an emergency call and my daughter-in-law delivered a son by c-section. Our first male in the line of the next generation and I do not want that grandson to get a Thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on. It will probably take a long time. In the meantime, and I know there are probably implications for this internationally, but in the meanwhile I think I want that grandson to only be given Thimerosal-free vaccines.” – Dr. Robert Johnson, Immunologist, University of Colorado, Simpsonwood, GA, June 7, 2000

  31. This article is at best perplexing and at worst irresponsible and dangerous. The consensus of public health bodies worldwide, medical professionals, and the scientific literature is clear: vaccines save lives. Though everyone is entitled to their opinion, and free speech allows anyone to express it, responsible journalists understand that not all opinions are advisable to take to press and receive widespread publication. Dangerous misinformation like the opinions, falsehoods, and half-truths shared in this article can have real and devastating consequences for those who are willing to believe them, and the 5TJT editorial staff should think seriously about the repercussions involved when they choose to lend credence to such harmful and potentially life threatening ideas.

    • Mr or Ms Cohn
      These ideas on vaccines is not something we dug up or pulled out of the deep recesses of some dustbin somewhere.

      If you peruse the comments above you will see that the overwhelming majority are both critical as well as concerned about the side effects that vaccines can cause. In all of the above no one has stated that vaccines do not prevent these diseases. It is the side effects and sometimes long term chronic illnesses that people have witnessed in their own children that they say is cause for a pause and concern.

      Writing that allowing people to express themselves on this matter is “irresponsible and dangerous,” is absurd. Where is there a doctor who can sensibly explain why they are wrong instead of just labeling them as either stupid, dangerous or both?


      • I look forward to reading the letter you publish from a Holocaust denier very soon. After all, it’s clearly of the utmost important to you that your readers fairly consider “both sides” of an issue in which one side has the facts and the other nothing but harmful delusion.

        After that, perhaps “Is the Earth round?” Or maybe, “Was Abraham Lincoln REALLY president?” The possibilities for ridiculousness are endless.

  32. The only thing more ridiculous than your first comment way above is this one right here. Why do you take umbrage to people seeing things differently than you? Just because someone does not agree with your position on a matter neither means that you are absolutely right and they are completely wrong. That’s boorish behavior.

    • I assume you’re talking to me?

      It’s very simple, Larry. Because you will get people killed with your “seeing things differently,” and my position (backed by reputable and decades-old scientific research) will save laves. (As, you know, we are commanded to do as Jewish people.) I won’t attack you for being wrong on subjects that won’t cost the lives of children and cancer patients, but like it or not, anti-vaxxers are in the opposite category.

      Your pathetic attempts to shame me and other objectors to your dangerous nonsense are noted and ignored. We’ll be over here, on the side of life and health, and you are welcome to divest yourself of these delusions and join us at any time.

      • MSchick – your very own attitude and words shame you. Look at the nasty and threatening messages of all the dogmatic
        vaccine-believers – when the science doesn’t support your position – it’s time to get self righteous, exaggeratedly loud and biting. That’s how falsehood “speaks”. TRUTH always speaks confidently calm and gentle. B’kol dmama dakah. I know how scary it must be for parents who blind trust the pediatrician & their “faithful” government and continue to vaccinate their children…they certainly don’t experience any less issues than I did with my vaccinated children – yet I was curious the second that I had an inkling that vaccines MAY be responsible for all those unnecessarily debilitating conditions. I began to research everything I could get my hands on regarding vaccines. G-d directed me to 2 different medical doctors who studied in Russia before becoming licensed in NY who learned in Russia that vaccines were NOT in the LEAST health promoting & quietly told me to NEVER vaccinate my children. My husband was programmed that Dr “Rozen” knows best – and insisted that we continue to vaccinate. I stupidly took that baby for another vaccine & then observed her like a hawk & noticed her immunity waning for weeks until I gave her supplements and vegetable juices recommended by a holistic doctor. After that – I told my husband NO MORE. Our rov backed my decision based on the evidence. That was 25 years ago. I’ve been fighting an uphill battle since then to simply ask mothers to ask questions and recognize that vaccines do NOT promote health and vibrant function. All insightful principals and teachers KNOW without a doubt that brain function in our children is compromised across the board. I spoke to a Rebbitzin who is a principal about pervasive vaccine damage and how could she exclude students. She told me that her hands are tied. Can anyone have respect for someone who puts money and board members over children’s brain function??? That is the problem in the “leaders”. For the most part – it’s “follow the money”. For the rest of you – either your doctor is your faithful “rescuer” and is ALWAYS “there for you” – like “ALWAYS” needing some drug to keep chasing all the vaccine-induced inflammatory conditions that your children are riddled with. Or you just take the “easy way out” and stay ignorant. Like one medical professional told me, “I don’t know & I don’t WANT to know”. Ignorance, my friends, is FAR from bliss”! There is nothing more wonderful than seeing nonvaxd, properly nourished & cared-for children flourish. Parents of vaxd children who know nonvaxd children KNOW there’s an indescribably HUGE difference between the vaxd & nonvaxd…but denial reigns supreme in our communities. That’s the REAL reason for exclusion. “Someone” doesn’t want these bright and vibrantly healthy children to stand out. The freakishly cruel vaccine paradigm results in cruel divisiveness, sinas chinam, & machlokes. Putting an OU on vaccines – is like a pig sticking out its split hoof as if to say “see I’m kosher”! Even though the majority continues to bow to this ludicrous abuse of our own flesh & blood – it doesn’t mean that a G-d fearing person has to bow to this idol as well.

        Whoever does not wake up soon, admit regret & begin detoxing from vaccines- get ready- because the latest campaign was only to prime you all for some new “mandatory” vaccines. This is just history repeating itself. It’s time to stop trusting nonsense- it’s time to genuinely trust Hash-m if we want Hash-m to come through for us ALL. We must ALL listen to the heroes of humanity – Del Bigtree, dr Palevsky, Stephanie Senef, ChildrensHealthDefense.org
        & BH many other MORAL doctors & scientists. Vera Sharav is a holocaust survivor who has investigated vaccines and written articles on the open criminal fraud involved. Dear vaccine confused brothers & sisters – come join the really GOOD life. With Hash-m’s infinite kindness – we’ll all heal together – achdus will usher in our yearned for geulah and the healing we all need.

  33. We have always been in favor of children receiving proper inoculation of vaccines as recommended by their physicians. Any claim or suggestion to the contrary is just wrong.

    • I’m glad to hear that. I look forward to reading your retraction and apology for giving air to these dangerous lies in the first place.

    • Moty- there is a psychological truth called “kol haPoseil, b’mumo poseil” – so when you point a finger at genuinely responsible parents who don’t abuse their children with vaccines, calling them “child killers” – notice the 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

      Before assuming vaccines are SOOO beneficial – check out vaccine court claims and the VAERS – those murders and maiming of children recorded are only a tiny smidgen of the REAL numbers. In case you didn’t realize it – there’s a universal “gag order” on ANYONE who disparages vaccines. The medical mafia is known to “take care” of anyone who does reveal vaccine fraud & the media is owned by this same mafia – so don’t thing you’ll hear it on the “NEWS”.

      Just realize another psychological truth – calling someone “conspiracy theorist” is a defense mechanism when someone is afraid they may find out an uncomfortable truth. It’s also called “being in denial”. If that wasn’t the case – why wouldn’t you want to calmly tease out the truth that you may not be aware of? Where’s your innate curiosity – how did it get snuffed out of you and so many in our communities? It’s not only snuffed out – curiosity has been replaced with outright murderous intentions towards anyone even slightly questioning vaccines – because the “rabbis” called nonvaxing parents “murderers”.

      Does that sound G-d conscious attitudes & behavior to you??? Maybe the vaccine-god, but not my beloved Creator Who designed the human body perfectly & when we choose wisely – we have robust health and function potentially till 120 if that’s His will. If we trash our bodies – that’s called “suicide” whether it’s immediate or “slow kill” with VACCINES & other brainless lifestyle choices.

    • Larry – we live in such a disconnected world in which most people sadly fail to stretch themselves to perceive the global picture of our lives & how it ALL interconnects. It’s a lifetime journey that we can tap into every time we mindfully say “Echad”. We connect with the Echad as a maturation process in which the individual MUST decipher for him or herself what is true and what is not. NOTHING in a mature person should be left to be accepted without proper investigation- surely not an invasive medical procedure that is admitted to harm & kill no matter how few they claim are affected. Those who are afraid to examine this parsha & think that G-d will protect them no matter that they’re dangerous- because it’s a “mitzvah” to listen to the doctor, rabbi, principal, health department, cdc, Hamodia, Yated, mishpacha (all 3 in bed with pHARMa) – are willfully uneducated and are shirking responsibility to their children AND society! The “measles” spread ONLY by vaccines – so parents were NOT doing their due diligence by vaccinating.

      VaccineFraud.com is run by a man who has done the most extensive mind blowing investigation into every level of the vaccine web….there is not 1 iota of healing or health in this web!

      Again – propaganda of FEAR STILL sells even though we should have all learned that truth from history – especially the meraglim (the Gedolim of the generation). The freaked out young nation (except the holy women) wanted to kill Yehoshua & Caleiv….sounds like history repeating…the Chazon Ish was ALSO ignored when “polio” was happening in Eretz Yisrael. He said “shev v’al taaseh, adif”! He said NOT to vaccinate and there were many many who regretfully buried their vaccinated children and others who had to figure out how to care for their newly vaccine-blinded and disabled children. Who is hiding this important piece of history from everyone? When the price is right and people become complacent – we have what we have: in vaxd communities- explosion of neurological and brain disorders, asthma, life threatening allergies, behavioral and social disorders, diabetes, crohn’s & all flavors of inflammatory bowel disease, learning disorders, eye disorders, cancers, LOTS of “uNEXPLAINED” deaths in children & recently vaccinated adults, etc

      In the US & in Israel there are “crunchy” communities where they are educated on genuinely GOOD living – I’m not “ratting” on them while the criminal health officials are seemingly still in power – but if you try to find them to see how well they’re faring with the authentic illnesses that afford lifetime immunity – Hash-m will help you. I wish I could share with all your readers the many levels of harm that vaccines do to our precious ones – even if you or your conflicted doctor don’t acknowledge them.

      We won’t reach everyone – that’s ALSO history – only 1 out of 5 people recognized the benefit of following Hash-m out of slavery. Again – history repeats & sadly people’s minds are enslaved to an entity that does NOT have your best interests at heart.

      Larry – let go of the “sheretz”! You’ve come this far – have the courage to proclaim “Hash-m HU haElokim in response to Eliyahu haNavi when he said” ad massai atem poschim al shtei ha’se’eefim? Im Hash-m Hu haElokim, l’chu acharav, v’im ha’VACCINES? L’chu achareihem”!

      I know these sentiments will really anger vaccine-believers, but again – truth comes with calm deliberation and not angry machlokes. If you really want bracha & health – they ONLY come with SHALOM.

  34. Larry,
    It was irresponsible for to publish pseudo-science as being an equal debating partner to a true science which has almost eradicated some dreadful sickness.
    Apparently your audiance is very receptive to non-science and publishing this will directly lead to diseases and death.

  35. Why are people being hostile to those that speak the truth ? Vaccine court has awarded people billions of dollars for damages . That’s a fact . Check out Holly’s law .. the child who died from the MMR.

    Thank you Mr. Gordon for allowing an open discussion of facts .

  36. Can’t wait for more children to die needlessly because people think autism is an epidemic and not a genetic miswrite that occurs in the womb. The best part is seeing people so invested in da’as Torah that they follow every word who, on the flip side, discredit actual scientists who have invested their lives in this science on hearsay. Looking forward to seeing more of these articles published alongside baby obits and “why is this happening to our community” op-eds, which then blame the youth mortality rate on sheitels, overly opulent weddings, and gay people.

    Your publication sickens me and the fact that you gave this concept a platform means you give it weight and credence. Do not shy away from your new role, Larry; you are now a peddler of disease and fiction, and your rag will be used to start the fires that will be used to burn the bodies to keep the infections from spreading more than they have.

  37. Larry, I hope you can get a hold of and publish a letter, not from a Holocaust denier, but a Holocaust survivor. His name is Rabbi William Handler and he wrote an incredible letter to Rabbi Zweibel of Agudath Israel. Rabbi Handler points out that by our Jewish organizations and rabbis “cooperating with the authorities” in expelling children from school based on vaccination issues, we are repeating history–think Judenrat, etc. (By the way, most of those guys were probably also very well-meaning. People tend to wait for history to repeat itself in exactly the same way–then they’ll know what to do. It doesn’t work like that; current issues are always going to have an element of murkiness and lack of clarity.)
    I would also like to point out that the majority of the supportive comments have something intelligent to say. The majority (or all?) of the negative comments have not addressed any of the points brought up–they just want to hit all vaccine-cautionists with a baseball bat and make them all go away. Let’s have some really intelligent conversations please.
    How about that debate between Glatt and Handley?

    • Chana E – thank you for your dedication to Jewish survival & thrival which is not the intention of the vaccine agenda & anyone profiting off of it. Just this week, since Italy ousted the pHARMa-vaccine-crazed operatives in the government, an independent group of scientists have taken on the mission of doing high-tech lab analysis on all vaccines starting with infarix hexa. They found the most vile concoction of heavy metals & toxins & NO antigens to the “diseases” it purportedly protects against.

      Recognize that some of the negative comments are attributed to “astroturfing”- sherryl attkinson writes & speaks about that. pHARMa pays BIG bucks for comment writers that meet thei “needs”.

  38. What a fantastic piece. Thank you very much for taking on this issue and bringing so many important facts to light. Would love to hear a debate!

  39. Where there is a risk there must be a choice. The MMR vaccine is not a safe vaccine. Ask Dr William Thompson of the CDC how safe it is. He admitted that the MMR vaccine caused an astronomical rate of autism but he was forced to bury the evidence !! The measles is not a deadly childhood illness. It is a normal mild childhood illness. If parents lose the right to choose then we are no longer living in a free country. We are living in a tyrannical one. Good nutrition, good rest, exercise, good hygeine, clean drinking water, and sunlight all help you keep your immune system strong. Vaccines are not part of the health equation. They are part of the sick equation.

  40. Sage, We are not living in a free country. It is bought and sold tothe highest bidder and that bidder happens to be big Pharma. they have the money, the votes, the studies,the politicians. Occasionally a publication lets out what the people know to be true and the authorities quickly put them in place. With all of the damage and clear scientific studies documenting harm, the powers that be continue to march, intimidate and harm with whatever means they choose. The issue won’t go away because of the vast harm and continuing harm. News medias are now controlled by a handful of owners. Look at the thirst to express oneself in 5TJT. The war going on actively in this country is against the citizens. We are in a sick and dangerous situation. The people need to regain some level of power but most are too drugged, sick or unaware to do anything. Lets hope Moshiach is on the way soon. signed S.R.(print only initials)

  41. Mr . Gordon thanks for your courage in printing facts from the “other side”. Most doctors, well-intentioned, are not actually schooled in these details . They continue to parrot the Same two points as Dr. Glatt and then shut down the conversation calling everything else pseudo- science .
    1) vaccines save lives
    2) vaccines don’t cause autism

    They fail to elaborate on all the other questions about the horrific other side effects that have been established (check vaccine court and VAERS ) which grossly underestimate incidents of immediate side effects . For example , 58992 reports of Gardisil (HPV vaccine) reactions reported including 430 deaths , 794 hospitalizations , 2773 disabling conditions , 45 percent in teens from 12-17 .

    There is clearly research showing autism correlation with vaccines (obviously not the only cause … see William Thompson’s admission , case of Hanna polling is well known who had concurrent mitochondrial disorder . Many other kids probably have mitochondrial conditions that could predispose them to suffer vaccine damage . Why isn’t research being done to determine which children cannot handle vaccines , such as those with MTHFR gene mutation ?

    As aforementioned, Dr. Yehuda Schoenfeld has published work on autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants , which are found in vaccines.

    There is a very kind doctor, very pro- vaccine , who is willing to engage in a dialogue, it seems, from his postings on Lakewood scoop , named Dr. Naor Bar-Zev. Maybe he would be willing to discuss these issues ?

  42. Dear Editors
    This article is a “bor bershus harabim”. Because of articles like these, the entire jewish community of Baltimore had to take of a day a day of work to go to a vaccination clinic. This cost millions of dollars of lost wages and thousands of hours of missed school and bitul Torah. Please remove this article as soon as possible!
    Because of article like these, scores of jews had to be hospitalized. See here
    This is not a joke, but a real shaila. At least as a Posek if you have permission to keep this article up.

    • This article has nothing to do with the Baltimore community going to a vaccination clinic!! What does this article have to do with it? If the vaccines had to be given again to previously vaccinated people, obviously they have not worked as expected. Nothing to do with this article.

  43. There is no peer-reviewed research linking autism to vaccines. Please stop putting peoples’ lives at risk. All the people I know that are anti-vax are severely ignorant and/or mentally ill.

  44. I think that it would be best to find information from a wide variety of sources rather than someone who has no degree in any field of science. Though I do think that it is important to inform ourselves on these types of issues and come to our own conclusions about them rather than blindly following the words of our scientists. I think that anyone who has dived fully in-depth into this discussion and not only looked for evidence that would refute what our doctors are telling us but instead found evidence in support of both would come to the conclusion on there own that vaccinations do work. The fact that people are reading this article and/or his book then disregarding what everyone else is saying as lies that we have been feed since birth is very concerning. Many people are also stating how many lives vaccines can kill – there will always be side effects to any medication (for vaccines that can include; vomiting, fainting, seizures, intussusception, and anaphylaxis) and while that is true for vaccines it is also true that they save enormous amounts of lives in comparison to those who react to the vaccination. It is very dangerous to be spreading miss information and also to ignorantly believe it. I am studying genetics at university and I am also taking another paper solely focused on immunizations, so I have been thoroughly informed and if you want to spread this kind of information you should be too before you do so.


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