JG BBQ Pulled Beef BrisketEvery once in a while, a product comes along that becomes very much a part of your life, even though you were fine without it before. This is the case with Jack’s Gourmet’s new BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket. Jack’s Gourmet, the trendsetting Brooklyn-based company that produces glatt-kosher sausages, deli meats, and Facon, has somehow managed to yet again create a product that makes you go “wow” every time you eat it. The product is fully cooked; all you have to do is heat it up, either in the microwave or in a pot of simmering water. It is made from beef brisket that is shredded with a slightly sweet-and-tangy barbecue sauce. The product is rich, tender, mouthwateringly delicious, and highly addictive. Made without artificial ingredients, nitrite-free, gluten-free, and MSG-free, this barbecue beef is as minimally processed as can be.

Whether you eat the barbecue beef brisket by itself or in a wrap with guacamole, this product will blow you away with its versatility. A good friend Eli recently made the most spectacular family dinner party and center stage was a barbecue brisket pizza with garlic-truffle mayonnaise! Pizza dough was rolled thin and baked until crisp after which it was spread with a thin layer of garlic-truffle mayo and topped with Jack’s BBQ Pulled Brisket. The “pizza” was then garnished with a healthy dose of baby arugula. The sixteen large slices of pizza that were served were not enough for the eight adults and children in attendance.

You can make your own barbecue brisket at home. It is a time-consuming process that takes planning and skill and, if executed correctly, will yield delicious results. Or you can skip all the work, forget about planning in advance, and keep two or three or ten packages in your refrigerator and create a chef-quality meal in mere minutes. For example, for a quick southern barbecue, put together some soft burger buns, coleslaw, potato salad, sweet pickles, and cornbread, and your family will be singing your praises for days. Ya’ll enjoy now!

Jack’s Gourmet BBQ Pulled Beef Brisket is available in the refrigerator in markets nationwide. Visit www.jacksgourmetkosher.com to find a store near you


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