Jesse Jackson Jr. has pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to misusing campaign  funds.

His hearing began at 9:30 a.m. Chicago time.

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife, former Chicago Alderman  Sandi Jackson, arrived in federal court early Wednesday.

They have separate hearings but both are expected to plead guilty to federal  charges.

A source tells WGN the judge in the case, Justice Robert Wilkins,  is  good friends with the Clintons and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is accused of spending $750,000 in campaign cash on luxury  items.  He could face up to five years in prison.

Sandi Jackson is charged with filling false tax returns.  She could be  sentenced to up to three years.  She will appear in court Wednesday  afternoon.

This is a developing story. More details as they become  available.

Source: WGN TV


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