– Baron Herzog Pink Pinot Grigio–lively, with a touch of sweetness.
– Baron Herzog Pinot Noir–light elegant red, amenable with a wide variety of dishes.
– Herzog Basin Vineyards, Limited release–rich, complex, for a big flavorful dish.
– Chateau Haut-Condissas–classic Medoc from a petit chateau.
– Baron Rothschild Haut Medoc, latest vintage–classic Rothschild, best ever.
– Chateau Moulin–rich, similar St. Julian quality as its bigger brother, Leoville.
– Cellar Dauphines Rhone –lovely, light, and delicious, and priced right, too.
– Chateauneuf Du Pape–a classic of this region and from a great producer.
– Barkan Classic, Malbec–traditionally grown in Bordeaux, now in Israel, and very tasty.
– Or Haganuz, French Blend–very complex and rich in body. Worth the money.
– Shiloh, Legend II–If you loved his Legend I, this will blow you away.
– Tabor, Sauvignon Blanc–Don’t let the screw-cap scare you; a fresh, lively wine.
– Tulip, Black Tulip, Super premium–Get it if you can. Limited quantities were made.
– Terra Di Seta, Chianti classico and reserva–100% Sangiovese reserve, aged in oak longer. Both Classic Chiantis are highly rated. The only all-kosher winery in Italy.
New Zealand:
– Goose Bay, Blanc De Pinot Noir, pink and dry–perfect with fish to start the meal.
– Goose Bay, Reserve Fume–Like its sister S.B., only richer, fuller, and longer finish.


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