Shalom Becker, treasurer of the JCCRP, and Richard Altabe, chairman of the board of the JCCRP, with Rabbi Brafman from Matov
Shalom Becker, treasurer of the JCCRP, and Richard Altabe, chairman of the board of the JCCRP, with Rabbi Brafman from Matov
Shalom Becker, treasurer of the JCCRP, and Richard Altabe, chairman of the board of the JCCRP, with Rabbi Brafman from Matov

With the summer coming to an end, local children (and their parents) enjoyed the many benefits of summer camp. Between the interactive games, exciting night activities, social skills-building, and continuation of Torah learning, summer camp can play a strong, positive role in the formative years of a child’s life. Unfortunately, not all families are financially capable to make this a reality for their children.

The need for financial assistance has been high, and thanks to the UJA-Federation, the Rabbi Michael Scholar Camp Scholarship Fund has been able to assist 120 children in going to camp this summer.

The Rabbi Michael Scholar Memorial Fund was started to help those parents who cannot afford to send their children to day camp. The fund, named after a former president of the JCCRP, provides scholarships to make it possible for Jewish children from needy families to attend Jewish summer day camps. The fund sponsors Jewish children from needy backgrounds, those who attend yeshivas and those who attend public schools, those who are American-born, and those who are Russian immigrants. The purpose of the fund is to make sure that these children spend the summer in an environment that will enhance what they learned in school and strengthen–or even create–their love for Judaism. The fund ensures that these children are involved in activities that draw them close to an enriched Judaism to hopefully foster Jewish pride and passion for serving G-d during the summer and year-round.

Due to the outstanding support of the UJA-Federation of NY, the Rabbi Michael Scholar Memorial Fund has had the privilege of sending its scholarship recipients to 26 camps this summer.

Alex Roth-Kahn, managing director, Caring Commission, commented: “As part of its commitment to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable Jewish New Yorkers, UJA-Federation of New York is proud to provide funding for day camp scholarships for Jewish children in communities where Jewish poverty is most pressing. Day camp scholarships funded by UJA-Federation aim to help needy Jewish families by enabling parents to maintain or work toward economic stability, while their children are able to thrive in an enriching Jewish camp environment.”

The JCCRP is proud of its affiliation with Met Council and UJA Federation of NY, who are in the forefront, providing relief in this time of need.

“Our social services programs are designed to aid, sustain, and empower poor and near-poor New Yorkers,” said CEO and executive director of Met Council, David M. Frankel. “This year’s camp scholarship fund will aid families to send their children to participate in a transformative summer experience, sustain the families’ dignity, and empower the children to gain confidence. We thank our generous donor who made this possible, as well as the staff of the Jewish Community Council of the Rockaway Peninsula, who worked with us to select deserving families.”

In appreciation to all those who so generously donated to the fund, the JCCRP wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable rest of the summer. It is our hope that those who were helped by the fund will greatly benefit from the impacting experience that is summer camp.

For any clients who need assistance in social services or resource directing within the community, the JCCRP provides a range of services. Some of our services include: kosher food pantry, food stamp enrollment, medical insurance enrollment, housing and landlord/tenant mediation, legal assistance, crisis intervention, mental health counseling, career counseling, and Hurricane Sandy recovery assistance. Please contact JCCRP, 1525 Central Avenue in Far Rockaway, NY 11691, entrance on Foam Place, 718-327-7755, or visit for more information. Ï–


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