Jerusalem College of Technology will be launching a new International Program in English at the College’s Machon Lev Academic Center for Men that will allow students to earn a fully accredited business degree while studying at the yeshivot of their choice. Beginning this fall, the three-year program will operate on a condensed schedule that will require students to spend only two afternoons a week on campus.

Though it was created for students interested in extending and enhancing their gap-year experience, the International Program is also ideal for young men who are considering aliyah or who have recently moved to Israel and require a more gradual transition into academic Hebrew.

“While JCT has hosted hundreds of international students over its 45-year history, our new International Program in English is a total change of concept,” said Rabbi Adi Isaacs, director of the program.

“There is now a framework in place to help ease students into the subject matter in English before transitioning them into Hebrew-language coursework. Additionally, we are working together with the Israeli yeshivot to ensure the program’s success. The institutions and, more importantly, the students benefit from the ability to gain professional training while continuing to study Torah.”

The program’s curriculum, which incorporates lectures and practical research projects, is modelled after courses developed in leading international universities; it combines studies in marketing, management, accounting, finance, and technology.

In addition to the first-rate academics and flexible schedule, the International Program boasts an incredibly modest price tag. At just $3,650 per year, the program is attractive and affordable to both new olim and foreign students.

“Year after year, Jewish families grapple with the rising costs of college education. And many American, Canadian, and British families who want to extend their sons’ gap year experience have simply been unable to do so. By offering a serious academic degree in a flexible, Torah-centered environment at a supremely affordable price, our revolutionary program solves both problems at once,” adds Stuart Hershkowitz, senior advisor to the president of JCT.

“Parents can breathe easy knowing that their sons will have an opportunity to grow spiritually while earning degrees that will be recognized in Israel and the U.S. without breaking the bank.”

Located in Jerusalem’s Givat Mordechai neighborhood, JCT’s Machon Lev Academic Center for Men is the world’s leading institute of higher education dedicated to Torah and technology, and a major center of academic research. The college serves over 1,500 students who divide their time between advanced Torah study and the pursuit of undergraduate and graduate academic degrees.

For more information about JCT’s International Program in English, please contact Ari Pfeffer, executive director of Friends of the Jerusalem College of Technology at or 212-563-5620. v


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