Michal Weinstein and Gila Jedwab at Trump rally in Scranton. Photo by Josh Justic


Monday morning, November 2, feels like two lifetimes ago. Our epic day started like this. It was just barely 9 a.m. when I reached out to my friend Michalli; she shrieked out a “yes!” over the phone when I presented my plan, and an hour later we were cruising in my car down Route 80 towards Scranton with the smell of fresh pizza wafting from the back seat.

Earlier that morning, I was sitting at my desk trying to make a nerve-racking decision to do something I had never done before in my adult life: Ditch my day. As I was treating my first few patients, I could not quell this excitement whirling around my gut. The sensation organized itself into words that traveled up to my brain. The message transmitted like this. There’s no way President Trump could be in my hometown of Scranton the day before the election and I would miss seeing him. I finalized the decision. Thank you, Rifky, Anna, and Hanna for holding the office down that day.

Three hours later, in a world-class “Only In Scranton Moment,” we rolled onto rally grounds five minutes before start time and found a perfect parking spot, one block away from the rally, right outside an airport. With that kind of Divine-ease and small-town convenience, I knew I was home.

Walking towards the rally, we felt the love, unity, and, most of all, the normalcy exuding from the throngs of people huddled around us. As if the crowd walking in lockstep with us understood the absolute hero of this man. They collectively exuded the real subtext of his election: the continuation of freedom in America.

We made a friend during the rally, a 20-year-old kid with a bona fide Scranton accent that made my heart sing. He had come to the rally by himself. He leaned in close to us and yelled over all the noise, “You guys know, corona is over in two days.”

This young kid understood something profound that more and more people are waking up to: A suspicious virus coming out of China was utilized by the Democratic Party as a means of mind control and behavior control before an election. A weapon of fear that was used to terrify a nation and accomplish one agenda: to create enough chaos to get their candidate elected.

How do I know this, you might wonder? On Election Day, the CDC issued a statement that people with COVID can go to the polls, in person. The same people with COVID, who had been treated like lepers in hospitals, left to die alone, suddenly didn’t pose a problem at polling places. The same people made to quarantine in sealed rooms in their own homes and be contact traced with all kinds of freedom-stripping horror suddenly became free agents to move about society when they saw Trump killing it on Election Day.

The twisted plot has finally revealed itself. This chokehold on freedom was never about #stoppingthespread of a virus. Stopping the spread of something invisible had always been an endeavor bereft of common sense, the absolute height of futility. Inside this election is where coronavirus unmasked itself to be a fear-fueled, gas-lit attempt towards disorientation of the masses.

These past eight months were about preventing the reelection of a man inconveniently standing in the way of a hostile Democratic Party takeover. Only we weren’t supposed to notice because we were afraid of a virus. Our president was the only barrier standing in the way of their steady hypnosis of the masses towards exchanging every personal and religious freedom for an illusion of safety.

If coronavirus was about an American election, why did other countries fall for it? Other countries saw an opportunity to grab the wheel of a shiny new updated model of communism and take it out for a test drive. This virus offered countries a one-size-fits-all vehicle of dictatorship, for the leaders of the world to give a whirl and steamroll their own vested interests and flatten their people. (Except for Sweden. I’ll never understand Sweden.)

The virus was a premeditated — we might even say “pre-media-tated” — pre-election distraction. Do not spend another ounce of your precious energy discussing a virus that was used to fool you. A virus that caused medical mismanagement and panicked mistakes. We all know people who got sick; we all heard about people who died. That is called life. We don’t shut down Torah and mitzvot out of fear of things we cannot control. In 5,000 years, we never have.

The media knew something sinister. They knew if they held a magnifying glass to disease and death it would obscure our peripheral vision. Distraction was the name of the game. But we are waking up. We have our full vision restored and can spot our most precious commodity hanging in the balance, Freedom. We will never again let our freedom be tampered with.

This election, and all the horrendous fraud that came with it, made me notice an interesting phenomenon about evil. Evil is myopic. It cannot see itself. Evil has tunnel vision. Evil is so frantically over-calculated and hyper-focused that it doesn’t notice the people standing around it, looking right at it with their mouths gaping open. It doesn’t see its own blatant scrambling. Covering windows. Blocking access. Stalling for time. Being statistically and mathematically implausible. Bursting water mains. I mean, “C’mon man.”

One video in particular stood out to me. A video of an ordinary-looking woman filling out a stack of ballots, one by one, while a man captured it all on video above her.

We are witnessing the banality of evil. I always thought evil looked like the Joker from Batman. Turns out, it looks more like the nice lady from down the block who found herself caught up in something no good.

But I come to you with good news. I drove home from the Trump rally with a palpable goodness that remains nestled inside my heart as I sit here writing. The goodness of ordinary people joining together with no ulterior motive than to carry the torch for a prosperous and free country to the next generation. I still feel the warm positive energy that coalesced around me on that cold blustery day. I remember the split-second whoosh of masculine energy that emanated from President Trump as he strutted right past me on the tarmac from Air Force One. He was the tall embodiment of alpha energy and strength. Only in Scranton is it that easy to work your way through the crowd and come face to face with a president. Kayleigh, too.

The internet has shown us weeks of massive grassroots rallies and marches for President Trump, all the way from Beverly Hills to Amish country. When the most innocent and unmanipulated among us hang Trump flags off their horse and buggy, I will get behind that.

Here’s the good news. That mammoth, worldwide volume of enthusiasm and gratitude towards Trump pre-Election Day is not lost. Einstein said that energy is never lost, only converted. That energy is now being rechanneled and redirected toward G-d. All that love for President Trump and for the freedom he represents is now organizing itself upwards towards storming the heavens for the sake of truth to prevail.

There is a strong parallel trend on Facebook. The same people who express love for President Trump also speak of how salvation comes to us from one place, Heaven. UncorkedLiving.com founder, purveyor of healthy lifestyle supplements and podcaster David J. Harris, Jr. said it best: “I turned off the news last night and this morning. Because for me, as a believer, I have to guard my heart. Guard my peace. I believe there is something very spiritual happening. We have to rest. We have to go pray. We have to really hear from G-d. If you really press into Him, He will speak peace to you. He will give your heart rest. He is at work doing something. We cannot forget the founding fathers all believed and loved the Bible. And because of that, I believe that G-d loves this country. And because you and I are praying for this country I believe that there will be stop-gap placed. We don’t have to see how, we just have to believe.”

We are praying for our beloved and beleaguered president like never before. Our love, hope, and faith is being registered, unified, and codified by our King of Kings in Heaven. Our job now is to trust G-d’s timing and be loyal to our president, to remember every good President Trump has done for us.

Understand this. We create reality together with G-d — Asher barah Elokim la’asos. Creation is an infinite verb. Creation is constantly unfolding. How do we know we are part of the creation process? We are called Tzelem Elokim by G-d. He called us by the only name He used for Himself during creation. Why? To remind us we have constant influence over creation. How do we influence outcomes? By using our good mood and robust imagination to think good and know it will be good.

“Vaya’ar Hashem ki tov — And G-d saw that it was good.” Hashem’s model for the creation process was presented so simply so we could easily mirror it. Think it, speak it, then stand back and admire how good it came out. Repeat.

By now, most of us have heard rumors about ballot watermarks and a possible sting operation set into motion by President Trump because he feared this exact kind of voter fraud. When I watched a video about that, I felt a flush of endorphin release into my veins. All I could think was, “Hashem, You wondrous Hero. You created the refuah before the makkah.”

I suddenly remembered a loop of Divine redundancies that struck my eye last week. Three similar-looking alephs from three different places jumped into my field of vision. Aleph points to the master, Hashem, Alufo shel olam.

The first aleph came from the Lubavitcher Rebbe who predicted 30 years ago that this year would be the year of “P’la’ot Ar’enu — wonders I will show you.”

I spotted the second aleph in Parashat Lech Lecha: “El ha’aretz asher Ar’eka — To the land that I will show you.”

The third aleph reached me from a verse of Tehillim I read on Shabbos afternoon. “Zove’ach todah y’chab’danini, v’sam derech, ar’enu b’yesha Elokim” (Psalms 50:23). He who offers praise, glorifies Me. He who sets his path, I will show the salvation of G-d.

Let us set our path on the constant praise and glory of G-d. I don’t want to miss a single minute of the miracles He will bring. Hang on tight; the #YearOfAmazement has arrived because the best is yet to come!

Dr. Gila Jedwab has been practicing dentistry for nearly two decades. She graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) in 2000 and completed her residency in general practice at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Her dental practice is in Cedarhurst.

The claim circulating on social media states that Trump was working with the DHS to watermark official ballots in an effort to catch Democrats committing voter fraud and that many mail-in ballots counted as votes for Biden did not contain this watermark. The phrase “watch the water,” which was used QAnon message posted two years ago, was cited as evidence for this claim.


  1. Larry,
    This is another disgrace on your part. You make the lead story on your website a QAnon rant, and then offer a footnote at the bottom that it’s a QAnon rant. Shame on you.

  2. On the one hand a crazy person on the internet said that DHS watermarked all the ballots in as part of a sting operation to arrest the Democrats. On the other hand DHS unequivocally stated today that they have full confidence in the integrity of the election. Who’s to say who’s right or wrong?

  3. This is not a Jewish point of view. For her to say otherwise is disrespectful to Jews, Americans, and humankind. This woman should lose her dental license because there is something wrong with her brain. If she has kids, someone should call protective services.

  4. With all due respect, I have to disagree with those who are calling to have the Jedwab blogs removed from the 5 Towns Jewish Times.

    With every articles she shows more and more how insane she and the other members of the frum Trump-cult are. Larry does a pretty good job of it himself, but with the addition of Gila Jedwab’s insane, heretical, Christological postings, those of us who read the paper every week are able to see how unhinged they truly are. Maybe this will wake a few of the readers up to the dangers of what they’ve been advocating all this time.

    • I wish that were true. It’s quite clear that these QAnon cultists have been successful at converting innocent people. The danger is too large

  5. Covid hasn’t disappeared. Turns out, viruses are real after all (and are very much visible through a microscope, I would hope a dentist would know that).

    Will you apologize to all the healthcare workers on the front lines who are still risking their lives to save the hundreds of thousands of Americans infected, or will you continue to maliciously accuse them of malpractice?

  6. I’m really happy that the person you voted for didn’t get elected, because you are very clearly not fit to be part of decided who runs this country

  7. Unbelievable that this was shared to further confuse people. The baseless claims. Notice that nearly every claim trump is making is not actually made in court. The ones presented were debunked, or agreed to with no difference on outcome. And not all these judges are Democrats.
    Oh those donations to help Trump win the court cases? Read the fine print. Over half goes to pay of his debt.
    It’s obvious what’s going on. The con continues.

    Does anyone have a doubt why the cdc said sick people can go to the polls? Who was that targeted to? Isn’t the conspiracy that Democrats voted by mail c”v? Why would cdc need to issue that ruling for Democrats?

    Seriously though, did the author read the cdc ruling? It’s very specific that there can be separate polls with staff wearing PPE like in hospitals , in segregated areas.

  8. This article is a hilul hashem. Covid not real? We’ve reached a high of 100,000 plus infections. Hospitals are slammed. Look at El Paso. This article is a a disgrace

  9. Publishing nonsensical articles such as these is a slap in the face to the thousands of frum families still greiving from the loss of their loved ones to this deadly virus. While I cannot even begin to understand what can possibly cause an ostensibaly educated woman who attended dental school to start believing in such nonsense, I think I rightfully speak for countless people to stop platforming these nonsensical and conspriatorial theories that have infiltrated the frum community. Amplifying this type of misinformation is not only dangerous but it is also like spreading salt on the still fresh wounds of all the people who’ve lost freinds and relatives to Covid. Please do better.

  10. Congrats, 5TJT. You’re now publishing nonsensical, unproven conspiracy theories that even Fox News wouldn’t touch. Retract and condemn this nonsense if you have any level of integrity left, and get this crackpot out of your paper before you do any further damage.

  11. The linked article explaining the watermarks states this is clearly a lie and a conspiracy theory. Oy.
    Just wondering, if covid is over now why did 1200 Americans die from it yesterday? And if it’s a conspiracy to keep Trump from getting elected, how come the ENTIRE world is dealing with it, including Israel?! Would you like to come and tour an ICU to see what covid looks like for real? I hope you wear a mask when you take care of dental patients. NB: Glad you ditched patients who had appointments that day to go to a Trump rally, really mature and responsible.

  12. This viewpoint IS a genuinely Jewish viewpoint, in that it doesn’t represent the vast proportion of American Jews biting their own tails by voting for the destruction of Israel. To say that this article is conspiracy theories is a vast over exaggeration and is simply an expression of the intolerant left – a cause which somehow Jews, against their own interests, have come to identify with. So go on, blue haired, pride flag waving Jews of America, deny your heritage and vote for Biden. Betray our ancestors, throats dyed blue from Zyklon, covered in vomit and mucus and tears clutching at the mouths of loved ones silent on the floors of gas chambers in Poland. Vote Democrat and betray our brethren in Israel by making the likelihood of them perishing in nuclear hellfire significantly more likely. And finally, support the muzzling PC culture in which you gaslight your opponents as conspiracy in your expression of intolerance. You, the Jewish left, remember the faces of your ancestors and your children and start using your votes to protect the People Israel.

    Look at the name of the authour, Jedwab, and see that she is among the survivors of Jedwabne, a town in Poland which suffered the worst of the Polish pogroms in WW2, where those not taken to camps were burned in their homes and killed on the streets by their fellow gentile townspeople. With the remembrance of the masses of Jewish blood spilled in the last century, let’s do what we can to prevent the destruction of our precious Israel and her people.

  13. This is perhaps the least sensical article I’ve ever read. Utterly amazing how someone can get behind a man who cheated on his wife while she was pregnant (with a porn star who he then paid off) and pretend that man is some embodiment of Hashem. A man who lies to us daily.

    It’s a cult. She’s in it. She references ridiculous videos she saw on QANON channels, meant to undermine democracy and that go against what President Trump’s lawyers themselves said in court (and what Trump’s DHS says). This should not be printed by a serious publication. Printing this is not journalism. For shame.

  14. shame on 5tjt for sharing this baseless conspiracy theory tripe. You won’t live this down.

    Wana know how biden stole the election? He got more people to vote for him than trump did.

    live with it.

  15. Should be noted that COVID-denialism, while tens of thousands of Americans (and many Jews) are suffering is dangerous and absolutely irresponsible for this publication to post. A Chilul Hashem.

  16. Larry Gordon, this is shameful. You print conspiracy theory lies while Gedolim are dying. You should be ashamed. People are ignoring public health measures because of these lies, and people are dying as a result. You will have to answer for your part in the world to come.

  17. It’s clear that the 5tjt is struggling for advertiser revenue and has resorted to letting crazy people completely untethered from reality lead the show – because that’s the best “dan lekaf zechut” I can come up with for this. There aren’t many better ways to drive clicks and engagement on social media – as long you don’t actually care about doing the right thing.

  18. I’m so glad that you have finally become transparent. You used to say you want us to become closer to god. Now we know who that god is. It’s your worship of Avodah Zara. Shame on you for all of your misleading advice. Jedwab You have blood on your hands!

  19. “Evil is myopic.” The lack of self awareness on the part of this woman, a local dentist, is as terrifying as it is a chillul Hashem. What a great reminder of the type of organization you are, 5TJT. You’d better serve the community by being recycled into toilet paper.

  20. This article is absolutely horrendous, divisive and totally irrational and irresponsible. What is this doing in a major Jewish newspaper?

  21. How irresponsible to publish this piece! Besides for being filled with lies and nonsense, it it completely disrespectful to all those, especially in our community, who have lost loved ones to COVID and to the healthcare professionals who have sacrificed so much to see us through this horrible pandemic. Larry Gordon, you have a lot to answer for.

  22. Sad. The author of this post is not well.

    Giving her a platform for her disturbed ramblings does not help her and harms the community that she is a part of but does not represent.

    Is it worth it for the views and clicks? I hope the editors will make more responsible choices in the future.

  23. I kept on thinking this was a dangerous parody that someone might take seriously. But of course it’s not. It is terribly irresponsible to print the unhinged ravings of a woman who admits that she is aroused watching Trump at a rally and will now have to find a way to take some of that energy and love and channel it to G-d.
    Printing completely invented conspiracy theories by Qanon and the like is dangerous. I assume most people reading this are as horrified as I am but if this changes the mind of even one reader it it too terrible to contemplate. Please stop printing this chillul Hashem and these lies.

  24. The writer of this and her supporters, who seem to be very few, should know that this article is being used in undergrad and grad school here as a text in studying political cults. Huge hillul hashem!!

  25. More disturbing than Ms Jedwab (who sees elderly patients constantly and apparently doesn’t believe in germ theory) espousing these views is the fact that one of our news outlets allowed this to be printed. I understand that many on the right are concerned about biased reporting from more liberal news outlets, but that does not give license to write far flung conspiracy theories. I hope that the FTJT sees fit to walk this article back, and that Ms. Jedwab should meet with a virologist to continue her medical training.


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