Jeff Leb
Jeff Leb
Jeff Leb

On Monday, July 1, Jeff Leb officially took office as president of the Peninsula Public Library’s board of trustees. Leb, who is 34, is the youngest individual to serve as president in the library’s history. Leb was initially elected to the PPL board in 2010, taking the seat of Stanley Nussbaum. Since being elected to office, he has contributed to the library’s growth through expanding the programming and materials available, while keeping costs down. He has worked with the library staff and his fellow trustees to keep budget increases under 2%.

“I am very proud and honored to be appointed president of this esteemed institution by my fellow trustees. The Peninsula Public Library is the cornerstone of the Five Towns. It is my hope, that I, along with PPL’s vice president, Sarah Yastrab, and our new trustee, Sam Francis, can keep improving the library so that it will remain a valuable community resource to every resident of our district,” said Leb.

Adding that he and the PPL appreciate the support of local elected officials, Leb commented that “the PPL is truly blessed to have local representatives who are passionate advocates for and genuinely interested in the success of the library. Senator Dean Skelos and Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg are phenomenal, and we appreciate their ongoing support and guidance.”

Other officers of the PPL board include Sarah Yastrab, who was reelected to serve as vice-president, and Joan Lepelstat, who was elected to serve as treasurer. v


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