Rosh Hashanah attendees. Photo credit: Daniel Kay of Daniel Kay Media

Camp families celebrate the High Holidays at Camp Nageela at the Suri Schwartz Experience Center. “There is always a warm feeling year-after-year — it feels like family. It is inspiring both religiously and personally,” said Barry and Marla Goldberg, parents of two Camp Nageela alumni.

“This Rosh Hashanah was one of the most inspirational that I have ever experienced. Rabbi Shenker, Rabbi Wurem, Nageela counselors, and everyone involved has a way of making everyone feel not only included, but extremely special. The highlight of the chag was watching my two sons standing around the bimah singing a slow melodic version of Adon Olam with rabbis, guests, and staff, at the conclusion of Monday night’s Ma’ariv service. It was beyond emotional for me. It was beyond beautiful. This program does more than just bring people together to eat and pray — it takes everyone on deeper, more meaningful pathways, at any age,” said Neal Bendayan, parent of a Camp Nageela alum.

For more information about Camp Nageela and upcoming programs, contact Jennifer S. Zwiebel, 516-374-1528, ext. 240 or visit,


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