JEP/Nageela is making a direct impact on today and tomorrow’s Jewish generations. At the Nageela Boys Shabbaton in Hewlett before Purim, the feeling of family was palpable as camp friends reconnected like brothers and new participants were welcomed warmly as they shared the beauty of Shabbos together.

One participant commented, “I feel like they’re helping not so religious people know more about being Jewish and who they are. And it’s fun and enjoyable. I feel like I respect Judaism more now. I want to be a better Jew.”

Other participants raved, “Nageela is inspiring!” and “Going to Camp Nageela is like getting an extra matza ball!”

Another participant noted, “I feel like one of the coolest parts of the Shabbaton is that the hosts treat us like part of their families.”

One first-timer concluded, “This was my first Shabbaton and it was so much fun. I’m thinking of coming to Camp Nageela this summer!”

A Negeela volunteer commented, “Nageela is like a very close family. The growth that all the boys experience is really amazing. I try to keep in touch with campers throughout the year.”

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who make these programs come to life. To find out how to make a donation, please visit


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