HAFTR’s Benjamin Gross
HAFTR’s Benjamin Gross
HAFTR’s Benjamin Gross

Benjamin Gross, HAFTR’s director of education technology, has been named one of the 2015 Young Pioneers by the Jewish Education Project. This honor highlights HAFTR’s innovative approach to educational technology. Mr. Gross and his department utilize technology to help assist and support the teaching curriculum.

The Pioneers will be recognized at a celebration to benefit the Jewish Education Project held at CURRENT, the venue at Chelsea Piers, on May 13.

“Receiving the Young Pioneers Award makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something,” Gross explained.

The award recipients will receive a $360 professional-development stipend, will be publicly recognized at the Celebration, and will receive tickets to the 6th Annual Jewish Futures Conference, titled “Radical Empathy,” hosted by the Jewish Education Project.


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