Jslem Estates 1 Jslem Estates 3By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Rising in the Schneller Compound in the heart of Jerusalem, Jerusalem Estates is an upscale residential estate. A breathtaking architectural achievement, it is a private development constructed in exquisite detail and built in accordance with the highest international standards, including many amenities.

Nestled in the midst of Jerusalem, the Schneller Compound is a site that has been preserved and protected for 150 years. An island of pastoral beauty and serenity, it features 20 acres of idyllic green areas, adjacent to historical and artistically significant buildings. The remarkable history beyond its walls is a fitting backdrop to Jerusalem Estates. “This is the only place where you can meld the historic glory of the city of Jerusalem with the religious and spiritual flavor of the area and yet benefit from the most progressive modernity of lifestyle,” a spokesman for the developers told this author.

To live at the crossroads of ancient and contemporary Jerusalem is to benefit from the best this city has to offer. There are alleyways and streets replete with unique historical, cultural, and spiritual sites. This is truly a location that melds ancient neighborhoods and contemporary living alongside communal life and centers, small businesses, shtieblach, Chassidic dynasties, some of the world’s oldest Torah centers, and batei midrash. This is life in an environment that is unmatched in any other city in the world.

The architectural design is the work of internationally celebrated artist Yehuda Feigin. He and his firm have been at the forefront of some of the most creative and dramatic architectural designs in Israel and abroad. Among his award-winning works is the premier hotel Bereshit on the edge of the Ramon Center on the Negev, the Waldorf-Astoria near the famous walls of Yerushalayim, and an array of prestigious hotels the world over.

“The authentic Jerusalem courtyards from the early Jewish settlements outside of the walls of Jerusalem are what inspired my design for Jerusalem Estates,” said Mr. Feigin. “A shared courtyard, full of magic, provides for spectacular beauty as the foyer that leads pedestrians to the surrounding homes. When building a high-class project, it is imperative to factor in every possible nuance prior to implementation. We conducted countless strategic meetings with a galaxy of outstanding professionals who helped form a blueprint of excellence, a complete and scrupulous set of plans, as well as specific milestones and goals, which have all been met to date.” Never before has the Orthodox community experienced this level of preparation and planning with meticulous attention to detail and quality, Mr. Feigin posited.

The Schneller Complex is adjacent to some of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods infused with the full charm of Jerusalem. Just steps away is the Achva neighborhood, with its abundance of legends and mysteries of the ancient city. Situated nearby, Geulah and Keren Avraham are home to some of the most illustrious shuls and yeshivos as well as to Jerusalem’s esteemed rabbanim and elders. Zichron Moshe’s narrow alleyways exude the full flavors of the Torah experience–a soul-stirring symphony of Torah learning and tefillah, crowning Jerusalem in an aura of holiness and purity.

The developer of Jerusalem Estates is a multifaceted development group with an impressive track record of real-estate accomplishments. It offers its clients a complete turnkey service, including all the facets of planning, construction, and design, thereby eliminating the need for multiple relationships with contractors and subcontractors. With commitment to exceptional quality and unsurpassed service as its hallmark, the development team is comprised of a group of skilled and experienced professionals who are able to define the character of a project from its inception. Every detail of planning and execution follows a precise roadmap, leading to a final product that clearly fulfills the vision set by its owners and planners.

“When we speak of luxury, it is not only about the high-end construction that simply does not exist in the Orthodox community, or the exquisite location in an exclusive estate that is also a first for the community,” said a spokesman for the developers of Jerusalem Estates. He added, “We are working with the foremost professionals in the real-estate industry, the most prominent attorneys, Bank Hapoalim, which is very much a part of this project, world-class architects, and leading construction consultants and experts. Our claim of being the most prestigious project ever built in this city is certainly supported by the esteemed quality team that develops this project.”

The Jerusalem Estates development team emphasizes that meeting major milestones is vital to the success of any real-estate project, especially such an elite development: “As we take the transition from the excavation phase to construction to be completed within 30 months, we recognize that we are that much closer to the day when an exclusive group of new residents will experience the highest standards of luxury while realizing ancient Yerushalayim in its full splendor.”

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative-media consultant, lecturer, and educator who writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She welcomes your comments at Rochellemiller04@aol.com.


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