imageJerusalem – A video released by the IDF on Sunday puts a face to the ongoing struggles facing Israeli soldiers in the ongoing Gaza conflict, as Lt. Aadam Landau explains, often emotionally, the rules by which Hamas terrorists have been playing by, including one instance in which a Hamas grabbed up a small boy as a shield in front of Landau and his unit.
In the video titled “Voices From The Field: Operation Protective Edge,” Lt. Landau explains the anticipatory nature of the early going of the conflict, saying in a dispatch from the field that “the whole country is behind you, and Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are in front of you.”
Landau states that the feeling of every IDF soldier is that when you’re deployed you “don’t know” whether or not you’ll “complete the mission,” and that you are not even sure you will come back, but Landau says that you come to the conclusion soon that “there is no other way.”
Landau goes onto to explain how within 24 hrs. of being deployed his unit was inside Gaza, rescuing fellow soldiers who “needed to be extracted.”
Landau tells of mortar shells falling “just two to three meters away,” but how his unit pressed on and succeeded in giving his fellow soldiers “some breathing room.”
During an emotional segment, Landau gives credibility to reports of Hamas terrorists using children and civilians and residential areas as shields.
“Hamas’ strategy is based on assimilating into the civilian population,” Landau says, adding how “they shot at us from mosques and schools.”
“And it’s not easy to shoot at a mosque, it’s an important place for a lot of people,” Landau states. “It’s like a synagogue.”
Emotionally, Landau tells of a Hamas terrorist who they knew was “in a specific house.”
“Suddenly a small boy appeared. The terrorist grabbed him and escaped with him,” Landau states, while elaborating on how difficult it is to deal with these tactics.
“But it’s not our decision,” Landau says. “The terrorists took the decision and put it in our hands.”


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