Location: An image of JFK and Jamaica Bay which surrounds it

A jet-skier who became stranded in New York was able to waltz through the $100 million security system at JFK airport as he sought help.

Daniel Casillo, of Howard Beach, New York City, and his friends went out on their jet skis after a night of drinking, according to the New York Post.

But the 31-year-old’s ride broke down, leaving him stranded in the waters of Jamaica Bay with nobody to turn to after his friends unknowingly left him behind.

‘They were trying to see who had the fastest jet skis, like idiots,’ his girlfriend, Deanna Cowan, told the newspaper.

Location: An image of JFK and Jamaica Bay which surrounds it
A map showing Casillo’s whereabouts and how he overcame the elaborate security system at JFK

Panicking, Casillo soon called her for help. ‘He said, “I’m stuck!” and told me to call his friend Albert to come out and tow him in,’ Cowan said.

With no alternative option, Casillo swam for three miles towards JFK’s Runway 4-Left, even though he knew his entry would be prohibited.

Motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras of the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System are in place around the airport to protect against terrorists.

Source: The Daily Mail




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