The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Jewish Federations of North America will provide immediate emergency assistance to estimated 50 to 60 families in Mevo Modi’im and Kibbutz Harel whose homes were destroyed by the devastating wildfires that burned through Israel on Thursday.

The support from the Jewish Agency comes from a special funds provided by the Jewish Federations of North America, with the aim of helping families cover immediate needs like clothes and personal belongings in the aftermath of losing their homes. The assistance provided, in coordination with the local welfare authorities in each community, totals around $1,000 per family.

“We especially feel the strength of Jewish solidarity at times like these, when dozens of Israeli families coping with the shock of losing their home and property receive an immediate embrace from their sisters and brothers across the ocean,” said Jewish Agency chair Isaac Herzog. “These funds help the families with immediate needs like clothes and personal belongings. The Jewish Agency will be there to support these families in any way possible, together with our Jewish family in the Diaspora.”

“All night, battling flames, the firefighters here in Israel are not just protecting a home,” said Jewish National Fund CEO Russell Robinson. “They’re protecting our home.”

Dozens of residences were destroyed in numerous locations after forested areas near Jerusalem caught fire, which caused significant damage to small towns along the highway connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Israeli firefighters also battled blazes in the region surrounding Gaza, as well as near Ben-Gurion Airport and outside of Jerusalem.

Consequentially, Israel Police have ordered the evacuation of several communities in the central and southern part of the country.