By Rabbi YY Rubinstein

If you dip into any anti-Israel or anti-Semitic website (there are so many to choose from) you would learn in about two seconds that Hollywood is controlled by the Jews! Having created the entire film industry as a way to control people’s minds, it is the ultimate center of world Jewry’s machinations where a diabolical Jewish agenda is imposed on the planet.

It would be futile for anyone to argue that Jewish people haven’t played a very significant role in the movie world, as they do in the worlds of medicine, science, literature, art, finance, and many other disciplines.

I recall a number of years ago being taken by a friend to Paramount Studios where he was working on a film that went on to win him an Oscar. Into his office wandered one of the biggest stars in the business, and we were introduced. My friend told the star that I was a rabbi from the UK who also appeared frequently on TV and radio and had my own BBC show. That was very helpful as we now had lots in common to discuss. After all, he probably would not be too intrigued by a discussion on Bava Kama and “Shor shenogach es hapara.”

Halfway through our conversation, he recalled, “I remember what I said at my bar mitzvah speech!” I was astonished. I had no idea that he was a Jew. The last thing I heard, this “A” star was playing someone from a different planet in a sci-fi movie. In Hollywood even the Martians are Jewish.

My host and he started to discuss a well-known producer whose Broadway play portrayed the Nazis sympathetically and humorously. They both frowned and looked angry and sickened; for about three seconds. Then they shook off their Jewish reaction and their “Hollywood” response took over. “Of course,” one said, “if he feels ‘artistically’ that the play needs that treatment, then it’s his decision.” The other rushed to agree that he, of course, had the “artistic” right to do so.

One of those Jews comes to hear me speak in LA sometimes. The other’s Jewish identity is unimportant to him. The irony is that in Hollywood, where it would be futile for anyone to argue that Jewish people didn’t play a very significant role, it is rarely a Jewish one.

The media has its own religious standards and beliefs. If you’re “in” and you don’t adhere and espouse those views, then you are quite soon “out.”

It is the same in the UK where I worked for many years for the BBC. The newspaper you see most BBC-niks carrying is called The Guardian. It is a left-leaning national daily which very many Jews feel long ago crossed over the line of anti-Zionism to raw and crude anti-Semitism. It espouses the mindset and worldview which UK media folk are expected to hold.

There is an ex-Nazi I know in the UK called Ray Hill. He went on to inflict serious damage on the neo-Nazi movement and faced several attempts on his life for his efforts. He once told me, “There is no one as intolerant as a Liberal!” Hollywood people are, and in fact have to be, Liberals.

Their commandments are handed down in a viciously competitive world where those who deviate from strict observance can be replaced in a heartbeat by a thousand others waiting to take their place.

There is a language they have to learn and master before they can even think of enrolling, called Political Correctness. These are some of the fundamentals of Hollywood/PC orthodoxy:

1. Thou shall not believe in G‑d (except in the vaguest possible terms, without that belief in any way affecting your behavior).

2. Thou shall not criticize anyone else’s behavior unless they do not conform to ours (except Muslims whom you will not criticize at any time).

3. You will be a feminist and oppose those who deny women equal rights (except Muslims whom you will not criticize any time).

4. Thou shall commit adultery etc. (Duh! of course, this is the media, silly).

5. Coveting is good (in fact very, very good)!

There are more, but I am sure you get the idea.

In a very real sense, the media’s beliefs are often quite simply the opposite of those sometimes referred to as “Judeo-Christian” or biblical. They are certainly the opposite of the Torah’s perspective.

I had a producer I worked with for many years at the BBC who set up a small “secret” group of religious Christians who met clandestinely to see if they could somehow get some of their moral perspectives (Marriage is a good thing, etc.) into their shows without anyone noticing.

Another friend had a great idea to encourage kiruv rechokim. He planned to go to Hollywood and interview some big Jewish stars about their religion and how it had influenced their lives. He was sure this would encourage young Jews to investigate their religion. He turned to me to see what I thought and to see if I could help him reach some of those he thought would be ideal.

I laughed when he explained his idea. “No one in Hollywood,” I told him, “is going to tell you anything of the kind, even if it is occasionally actually true.” Such heresy would of course offend against the first of the Liberal “Ten Commandments.” (See above.)

He thought I was joking, and off he went to move his plan forward; it moved forward straight into a brick wall. He later explained that he had not believed I was being serious. Now he knew I was, and I had been right.

When I opened my e-mails this morning, I received several from Jews upset at what went on last night at Hollywood’s highlight of the year, the Oscar ceremony. That’s when Hollywood actors etc. vote for the best film and best actor or the best script. (I have a talmid whose father got one of those golden statues last night, but that’s another story.)

The reason people were writing to me was to express their anger at what they believed to be several anti-Jewish jokes cracked by the host of the event, a certain funnyman, Seth McFarlane.

Amongst other things, he remarked about the “secret” Jewish cabal that controls Hollywood, discriminates against non-Jews, and is tied to Israel. One commentator wrote about MacFarlane’s comments, “They were not clever and witty. They were anti-Semitic.”

There were lots of Jews in that audience last night–actors, producers, and writers. Not one walked up to the stage and punched him on the nose. Not one walked out in disgust. MacFarlane’s jokes may have been racist and bad, but surely he has the “artistic” right to make them!

Maybe like my two companions that day at Paramount, for a few seconds some of the Jews (and some non-Jews too) felt angry and offended. But that Jewish reaction fell away and their Hollywood beliefs asserted themselves instead. I’ll bet some of them even laughed at the “funnyman.”

Hollywood and its “congregants” are profoundly pious and devoted when it comes to their own beliefs and rules. It has mechanisms every bit as ruthless as the Spanish Inquisition to seek out and destroy any of its adherents who stray from the true path.

“Hollywood controlled by the Jews!” Don’t make me laugh. Hollywood controls its Jews. They are chained and bow to the media’s commandments. Most Hollywood Jews follow their town’s PC religion slavishly. Don’t rely on them to stand up against “Liberal” anti-Semitism. And we Jews who follow a different set of laws should not be in the slightest surprised that they don’t. As it says in Pirkei Avos, no one is truly free . . . unless he studies Torah. v

Rabbi YY Rubinstein is an author, broadcaster, and international lecturer. He teaches at Machon Basya Rochel in Lawrence.

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