Well, it is now out in the open.  The Jews in Israel have pulled up and have tied Arab communities in that part of the world in the production of terrorists and terrorist attacks.  The New York Times amongst others have been waiting for this day for decades.  Not since 1994 when Baruch Goldstein shot up the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Purim day has the mainstream press that is especially critical of Israel had a chance to once again proclaim the advent of Jewish terror.

Yes, it is sadly and unfortunately true.  Some kids were hanging out in Zion Square at the bottom of Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem after midnight one night last week and a fight broke out after some words were exchanged between Arab and Jewish youths.  The Arab kids were outnumbered by the Jewish teens and one of the Arab youth absorbed a serious beating that knocked him unconscious and sent him to Hadassah Hospital where he is recuperating.

Israel’s President Shimon Peres was amongst the first to refer to the incident as “Jewish Terror.”  Peres has been waiting since the miserable, damaging and murderous failure of the Oslo Accords to achieve the perception of parity between terrorists on both sides of this lopsided equation.  So along with the Times in New York, Peres and a few other Israeli officials have decided that this was a serious terrorist incident perpetrated by Jews on Arabs.

The message is simple—you see we are all the same—all prone to violence and the so-called occupation of the land is now corrupting people on both sides.  But these were 14 and 15-year-old kids, one or two may have even been younger than that.  Sure an element of nationalism and prejudice may have seeped into the mix but this was no terror attack along the lines of what we have all unfortunately become accustom to.

Then again, maybe it is terror marked on some kind of a curve.  After all, we can’t have leaders around the world condemning a scuffle between teenagers on a city street and dub it a dangerous international incident.  But then again, if it involves Israel and Jewish children we have to take what we can get.  If this is the best terror they can dispense then so be it, the press will just have to take it and run with it.

The Peres condemnation of this so-called Jew on Arab terror reminds me of the story that goes back to the founding of the new State of Israel in 1948.  When it was related to Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion that there were prostitutes working on the streets of Tel Aviv he is reported to have expressed satisfaction with the news explaining that now he knew that Israel was going to be a state like all other states that dotted the globe.

At least Prime Minister Netanyahu had the good sense not to rush to call it terrorism.  The PM referred to the incident on Tuesday saying that there was no place for this kind of racism in Israel.  The events of late last Thursday evening are still under investigation so if anything is certain it is that at this point it is unclear what really took place.  It may have been a tussle that was tinged with long standing and prevailing attitudes that dominate throughout a significant segment of Israeli society.

The so-called terrorist attack committed by as many as ten Jewish youth pales greatly when we compare it to the murder of Tali Hatuel at the Kissufim Crossing in Gush Katif in May, 2004.  Hatuel who was eight month pregnant was killed along with her four daughters, Hila, 11, Hadar, 9, Roni 7 and Merav, 2. They were riding in their station wagon on the way to pick up her husband, David from work in Ashkelon when real terrorists fired in their direction hitting Tali and forcing the car off the road.  Once the car came to halt the Islamic Jihad terrorists ran to the car and shot Tali and the girls repeatedly at point blank range in order to make sure they were dead.

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  1. Dear Larry,
    With all due respect Larry, I beg to disagree. First of all we don’t know what the Arab “so called kids” said to the Jews. We do know however, Ahavas Yisrael requires us to “Dan le kav zechus” a Jew, especially we believe the story of a religious Jew over the story of a non-Jew. There are precident’s for this in halacha. As well, you know (but perhaps forgot) that the Arab enemy sends people to bait Jews into ugly situations which they then film and post on the internet or give media coverage to. There are no shortage of “sting” situations engineered by the Arabs to make the Jews look bad.

    On top of this, there is a long standing campaign by the Shabak’s Jewish Department (A department which spies on Orthodox Jews) to smear religious Jews and paint them as seditious, racist and enemies of the state. Shabak has unfortunately become the the pro-disengagement secret police. It works day and night both in Israel and here in America to create schemes that paint Orthodox Jews as rebels, revolutionaries and enemies of Peace, when the reality is really otherwise. Today, it is only the Orthodox Jew who is the true patriot seeking to promote Israel’s abandoned values of Chalutz and love for the land. It is only the Orthodox who demand safety for Jews who live in Israel and in so doing, are branded “Terrorists” and worse for their noble activities.

    So to claim that this dubious event is now: “An Outbreak of Jewish Terror” as the Peace Now factions of the government say about every person whose land they are stealing and giving to the Arab enemy, is simply unjust.
    All the very best,
    A chasima ve chasiva tova,
    Raanan Isseroff
    Gush Katif Museum

  2. Raanan

    I was not suggesting that this was Jewish terror or that anything like that exists and parallels the awful atrocities that have emanated over the years from the Arab sector.

    Granted that I did not consider the possibility that this was an intentional provocation from one side or the other. I preferred to attribute it to a childish prank rather than any other kind of distasteful or violent indulgence.

    Shana Tova


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