University of Michigan student Jesse Arm confronted fellow students who put up this pro-Palestinian display on campus. Photo: Facebook.

An anti-Israel display on the University of Michigan campus earlier this month. Photo: Facebook.

A Jewish student at the University of Michigan is facing an ethics investigation after lambasting anti-Israel demonstrators on campus, The College Fix reported on Monday.

Jesse Arm, a Central Student Government (CSG) representative, earlier this month confronted fellow students who erected on the quad two mock 8-by-12-foot walls mimicking the 25-foot security fence separating Israel from the Palestinian Authority.

One “wall” has an image of a dove with a bullseye resembling the crosshairs of a sniper rifle on its chest, flying under barbed wire. The same wall includes a drawing of a woman dressed in a traditional Palestinian headscarf, underneath a Palestinian flag and the words “CTRL+ALT+DELETE.” The bottom corner of the wall reads: “Tear down this wall.”

Demonstrators dressed as Israeli soldiers interacted with fellow students, attempting to demonstrate what they claim is like for Palestinians to go through an Israeli checkpoint, The College Fix reported.

A video taken at the scene shows Arm confronting a demonstrator by saying, “You want to hold a moment of silence, you ought to take a moment and recognize that if you want peace to ever happen, it’s going to have to happen with people who understand the situation and who are going to be delicate about it. … So take that thing down about ‘existing to resist’ and say ‘exist for peace.’”

When the student refused to remove the display, Arm said, “You’re not serious.” An onlooker is heard saying, “We’ll take it down when they take down the actual wall,” while another says about Arm, “Oh my God … do you see how racist he’s being?”

The video, which was shown at last week’s CSG meeting, does not show Arm getting violent, according to The College Fix.

Nevertheless, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), a Palestinian solidarity group on campus that organized the display and also has representatives serving on the student government, called on the student government’s ethics committee last week to dismiss Arm over the confrontation, the Michigan Daily reported. SAFE members said Arm’s conduct was “unbecoming of a regular student, let alone a CSG representative.”

During a CSG meeting last week, Arm defended himself saying, “If it is unethical for a representative of CSG to challenge any student protester, then it should also be the case that it is unethical for a representative of CSG to partake in a protest that might not represent the views of all students.”

He said he was upset over “the taste, timing, and appropriateness of this display in light of all the recent terrorism that has befallen Western civilization over the last few weeks, particularly in Israel.”

Indeed, the demonstration took place on Nov. 19, the day that Ezra Schwartz, a peer of Arm’s, was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack in Israel.

“That American student was a contemporary of mine from my community with whom I shared many mutual friends,” Arm’s explained. “He was abroad on a gap year program that I seriously …read more

Source:: The Algemeiner


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