A literary award presented to the Jewish writer Howard Jacobson will now allow him to officially pig out.

Jacobson, who is British, was presented with a pet pig at the Telegraph Hay Festival as part of his winnings for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse prize for comic fiction.

Speaking to a reporter, Jacobson said that as a Jew, he took no umbrage with the Festival’s choice of gift.

“I am not offended by the idea of a pig. I am not a ritualistic Jew. In fact I quite like the various things a pig becomes in one’s diet. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast.”

The pig, named Zoo Time after Jacobson’s latest novel, will remain on a farm where Jacobson promises to visit it and remain friends.

Jacobson was recently listed by The Algemeiner as a ‘Jewish 100′ awardee for his contributions to Jewish society.

“Jacobson uses his lofty intellectual perch in the media to go after anti-Zionists and others who wish to do harm to the Jewish state,” said his entry.

Watch a video below of Jacobson talking about his pig prize:

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Source: The Algemeiner


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