1. Hallel Yafa Ariel – 13.5 years old, was on summer vacation having just finished 8th grade.

2. She was related to Minister Uri Ariel through marriage.
3. The terrorist-murderer was 17 years old, Muhammed Taraiyre, from the village of Bani Naim. He climbed the fence at 8:44AM, was spotted by security cameras, but made his way quickly to the Ariel house and murdered Hallel Yafa by stabbing her tens of times in her bed.
4. The terrorist was neutralized by a member of the civilian Rapid Response Team. Another member of the team, Yehoshua Gilboa, was severely injured. The determination and drive of the RRT stopped this terror event from spreading any further.
5. The funeral will begin at the family home in Ramat Mamre “Charsina” neighborhood of Kiryat Arba. The procession will conclude at the Ancient Jewish Cemetery in Hebron where the burial will take place. The funeral is expected to draw Ministers, Knesset Members, as well as Rabbis, and other spiritual and cultural leaders.
6. The Jewish Community of Hebron puts the blame for this murder squarely on the heads of the Palestinian Authority. The Jewish Community of Hebron calls on the State of Israel to cease supporting the PA and stop upholding Mahmoud Abbas – the head of the murderous organization behind the incitement and today’s barbaric act. The PA was created by the State of Israel under the Olso Accords, and continues to survive daily only due to the support of the State of Israel. It is ridiculous to uphold this Jihadist monster and then accuse it of terrorism.
8. The local Arab population works in Kiryat Arba without any sense of discrimination. Even thirty minutes after the murder, Arabs were seen working in the town unhampered. Our fight is not with the “Arabs” – it is with the Jihad – a supremacist ideology.
9. This morning Rina Ariel, the mother of the victim, spoke at the hospital:
“My daughter was simply asleep, calm and serene, she was happy, and a terrorist came to her bed, in Kiryat Arba, and killed her… I want everyone to see our pain and to come console us. Hallel, may your memory be a blessing.”
10. Media article with videos: 


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