The Nachum Segal Network (NSN) and “JM in the AM” has kicked off its 31st annual fundraising marathon, a two-week on-air campaign on WFMU-FM and NSN to help maintain the core programming philosophy, values, and technology that keeps programs like “JM in the AM: Jewish Moments in the Morning,” hosted by Jewish radio icon Nachum Segal, on the airwaves.

Running February 24—March 7, the fundraising campaign is the primary source of support for “JM in the AM,” listener-supported radio that does not accept underwriting or corporate sponsorships.

“For over 30 years, “JM in the AM” has been the #1 Jewish radio show in the world. Much of our success can be directly attributed to WFMU, a supportive free-form environment that has allowed the show to grow and develop its own unique character,” said Nachum Segal. “With the freedom to program a comprehensive Jewish radio experience, we continue to provide our fans around the globe with great Jewish music and valuable Jewish information day after day.”

The Nachum Segal Network, an Internet radio network built upon the strong foundation laid by “JM in the AM,” boasts an impressive lineup of programs that touch on every aspect of Jewish life as well as a great mix of Jewish music. Listener contributions keep “JM in the AM”–still the backbone of NSN–alive, thriving, and commercial-free.

“We know that ‘JM in the AM’ has become part of the morning routine for listeners in the tristate area and that fans as far away as Manchester and Jerusalem tune in to NSN throughout their day. We hope that everyone will contribute to the campaign, ensuring that we can continue to deliver valuable Jewish news, music, and community insight to our global audience all year long,” added Segal.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the 2014 WFMU/“JM in the AM” fundraising marathon, fans should visit

WFMU broadcasts at 91.1 FM in Jersey City, 90.1 FM in the Catskills, and 91.9 FM in Rockland County. NSN is available 24 hours a day at v



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