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At the Jewish National Fund (JNF) AnnualConference, Chairman of the Board Ronald Lauder decried global anti-Semitism and called for realism in confronting threats to Israel. However, concerns have been raised about JNF’s commitment to confronting threats to Jewish land ownership in Israel.


However, JNF resolve in fulfilling its charter mission of purchasing the land of Israel for the Jewish people has been questioned lately.

Following pressure from Bedouin land thieves, the JNF stopped a forestation project in the Negev in early 2012, in opposition to its stated mission of redeeming the land of Israel.

Furthermore, rampant illegal Arab building on JNF-owned land has been documented by the Israel Land Fund (ILF). The JNF has not taken action to defend the land that contributions have allowed it to purchase, and furthermore rejected ILF offers to purchase the land and deal with the issue of reclaiming it.

Hakol Hayehudi reported in May 2012 the ILF’s findings that on JNF owned land in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Atarot have been built illegal Arab apartments, a mosque, a UN school and a memorial to a terrorist, all without JNF counter action.

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