Joan Rivers talking to Channel 10 about Hamas, Rihanna and Selena Gomez. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 10 on Wednesday, comedian Joan Rivers, as she is wont to do, lambasted a whole host of fellow celebrities. Except this time it wasn’t the Fashion Police that Rivers was summoning, it was the Public Relations Police. She began by critiquing Israel for its hasbara efforts and claimed that Hamas are beating Israel in the PR stakes.

“We are doing something very wrong in Israel and we are not doing public relations work,” said Rivers. “Hamas is so smart, they are using old pictures of dead children every time we hit a spot that happens to be — yes, a school, but underneath it there are weapons and they say ‘school!’ and it’s killing me because the wrong people, the dumb people are buying into it.”

The interviewer, Channel 10’s US correspondent Gil Tamari, continued by asking Rivers why so many celebrities like Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Dwight Howard have a tendency to identify with the Palestinians.

Predictably, Rivers didn’t whitewash her response. Noting that Gomez had just left rehab and is not a college graduate and that Rihanna is “beautiful but not the smartest bulb in the lamp,” Rivers continued by saying that celebrities see pictures of children and go crazy.

“They’re not listening. If America would be attacked by Mexico and one rocket came over, there would not be a Mexico,” said Rivers. “Everyone forgets Hamas, who are terrorists, who are not legal, who started this, who continue to break the truce, everyone forgets what we are dealing with here.”

Rivers had a unique suggestion to up the ante on Israel’s Hasbara efforts. “I think Israel should start showing dead puppies. And you’ll see these girls turn right around and go, ‘aww, boo hoo.’”

She also had another suggestion for the aforementioned singers: “These girls should shut up and put on pretty clothes, and get themselves off of drugs and leave me alone.”

Tamari followed up by asking about Rivers’ own experience with Israel. “I was amazed at Israel,” Rivers gushed. “They gave us the worst possible land and we have made it into Eden.”

Rivers claimed to be dumbfounded by some of the world’s reaction to Israel, positing that perhaps its “jealousy.”

Returning to the topic of the current conflict, Rivers said, “No matter what Israel does — and we are so right and so honorable, the world does not want to listen and you want to shake people and say have you lost your minds? You’re dealing with terrorists? You’re dealing with people that have no respect, that are liars, that are using their children as shields? If someone says ‘Get off the beach’, you don’t send four young children and a photographer to be killed to send a picture out. Sorry, that’s not the way we do it.”

Tamari ended by asking Rivers to play a round of the most popular segment on her Channel E show, “Got to have it or make it …read more

Source: The Algemeiner


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