Joan Rivers in 2010. Photo: Wikipedia

Two of Israel’s staunchest (and foul mouthed) defenders commiserated in a recent radio discussion.

In an interview with radio superstar Howard Stern, comedian Joan Rivers addressed the current Israel-Hamas war for the third time in a fortnight, this time ripping the media for handing the terrorist group an advantage in its fight against the Jewish state.

“You know who’s won this war? Hamas, because of the PR,” she said during an interview on Monday.

When asked by Stern why more celebrities are not speaking out in support of Israel, Rivers explained, “Because there is anti-Semitism all over the world and it breaks my heart.”

The Fashion Police co-host addressed the issue last week in a tirade in defense of Israel after a TMZ reporter asked for her opinion on the war. She also called out Hamas for using civilian homes to hide rockets.

Stern also spoke out in support of Israel last month, saying on his radio show that “Israel is at no fault” and “If you’re anti-Israel then you’re anti-America.”

Listen to Joan Rivers on Howard Stern’s show below (13:35):

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Source: The Algemeiner


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