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Excitement comes in different ways for different people.

I, surprisingly, get excited about delicata squash.

I have 20 delicata squash residing in my freezer. Each time I go to Gourmet Glatt I buy four or more delicata squash, cut and cleaned out. The season for this type of squash is ending but I’m not yet willing to say goodbye.

I’m on a tough diet called Optavia. One of the best things to eat on this diet is, duh, delicata squash! There are only a few places to find this squash currently. One man on the Optavia support chat group was telling people how they could find this squash on a street corner of Brooklyn and he gave the exact location. People on the diet, and probably others, are searching out their favorite vegetables, specifically delicata squash.

You might think it’s crazy to go chasing after delicata squash, but how crazy is it to go after anything you really want?

There are a bunch of exciting holidays and vacations coming up. We begin with Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday, which excites people to no end. There used to be people lining up outside, waiting for the stores to open with all the terrific sales. Now we also have online shopping, which has really taken over in a big way. People have already decided what they want and are eagerly waiting for the time to buy. The things people buy probably give only short-term happiness but they’re appreciated just the same.

People get excited about watching the balloons being blown up for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It has nothing to do with money, but with excitement and cheer. This is something people and families plan to watch and get excited about.

You might want to search for concert or play tickets. It might mean waiting in line or spending more than you wanted. But if it’s something you want to go after, go! Don’t hold back.

Planning a vacation can be stressful as well as exciting. My friend and I have decided to go Panama. Her winter break begins before everybody else’s so it shouldn’t be too wild and crazy like the week of New Year’s or yeshiva week. Every time we talk about it and plan it, we have smiles on our faces and are happy about going away and spending bestie time together.

Many people are also excited about next year’s election. Yes, it’s far away, but getting closer every day. I read Bret Stephens’s column in the New York Times and mostly agree with what he says. But no, I’m not going to get into politics—too chaotic and dangerous.

Some people get super-psyched about Chanukah. Many families have parties, gift exchanges, presents, dreidel games, etc. Chanukah is supposed to be fun, even while a miracle was performed. Chanukah is my favorite holiday of the year.

I get excited about Amazon, and my credit card bill shows it. We should have Amazon Anonymous. This is for people who are addicted to shopping on Amazon. I believe I would know half the people in the new AA. We would chant: Stop buying Amazon…Stop shopping Amazon! We are Amazonian addicts!

I truly don’t think this would be looked at favorably for so many reasons.

When asked, “Why do we get excited?” Chris Strickland, who studied psychology at Boise State University, answers, “I’m a simple man. I’m a pretty easy person to please. I don’t really expect much from people. Even if my wife does something as simple as dish up my plate of food, I feel like a king.

“What always makes me excited is when I crawl into bed at night to go to sleep knowing I have the following day off and a nice pot of cold brew coffee brewing in the fridge for the morning.”

So many people get excited by the small things.

According to Buzzfeed, there are 27 adult things that you never dreamed you’d be excited about. “The sight of a full tank of petrol, the feeling of a plan-free weekend, the concept of love, the feeling of being clean (shower), the satisfaction of a quick energizing nap, the smell of coffee, the sights of coupons and sales, enjoying cooking, and overcoming our childhood fears.”

I am excited by my bed and a great book. I make sure I’ve brushed my teeth and have gotten into comfy PJs; then I pull back the duvet cover and get into bed. Next to me on my night table are my book of the moment and my cellphone. And I’m all set. This makes me happy!

So it could be chasing after something like squash, or spending extra money on a concert you had to wait hours in line for, or just having a nice quiet weekend. Whatever excites you is what you should savor and enjoy.

If it’s delicata squash you’re after, go no farther than Gourmet Glatt, where the organic squash are beautiful, are priced the same as the “regular” delicata squash, and taste simply divine — for squash that is.

If you’ve missed this season, it’s not too far until next season, and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Don’t squash your cravings for people, things, or foods. Go after what you want. But if it’s to break into my apartment and steal my squash, don’t even try it. The lock on my freezer says it all.

A little cinnamon and Splenda make the squash complete. Yum!

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