How To Make Chicken in a Bundt Pan!
What, what, what?!!?? Chicken in a bundt pan? Watch to see why I’m seriously crushing on this chicken that Avi Katz made for us in our test kitchens.
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Hi Gang!

I just love that I get to cook alongside so many amazing people. The winner of our first Kosher Master’s Competition, Avi Katz, visited our test kitchen in sunny Florida and showed me my favorite new dinner hack -  chicken in a bundt pan. YES! And like me, you’ll now be running to buy your very own “meat” bundt pan after you see this. The magic of course is a combination of the pan + the ingredients. Our friends at Colavita sent us a stash of EVOO so we just had to make sure our bird had a nice spa day, which equals a well oiled massage, pre spice rub. (Made with brown sugar, thyme, cayenne, and one secret ingredient  you’ll use over and over again.)

I also got to cook this week in Abhu Ghosh with Ibrahim and a special Brithright culinary tour run by Israel Experts.  We learned how to make Kanafeh, a traditional Middle Eastern cheese pastry drenched in sugary sweet syrup. Kind of like a cousin to Baklava.  Which I learned there are more than 75 version of – WOWZERS!  I’ll have to make it my biznass to try each and every one of them!  You with me?


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