By Larry Gordon

President Obama attended a religious service at a military base chapel in Hawaii for Christmas. His spokespeople say that the President and his family will spend the day observing in a traditional way. That is dinner and opening gifts, probably most people’s favorite part of the American observance of the holiday.

In other political news on Christmas Eve, New York City’s outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg celebrated the birth of his first grandchild—a boy— to his daughter Georgina and her boyfriend, Ramirio. We wish him Mazel and Nachas.

And New York’s incoming Mayor Bill DiBlassio marked arrival of the holiday with the release of a 5 minute video by his 19-year-old daughter talking about her experience with depression and her addiction to drugs and alcohol. The information was concealed from the public until now so that it would not impact on Mr. DiBlassio’s campaign for office.

I am always enamored by the observance of a holiday like this and equally as puzzled by the flimsy fashion in which it is observed with rather superficial and perfunctory ceremonies that appear to have little lasting impact.

For example I heard on the news over night that a city based group has handed out 150 coats to the homeless. I suppose those are the lucky ones considering that thousands in New York are quietly living on the streets. Many more of those who struggle with hunger every day will be fed hearty meals. Tomorrow it will be bag to rummaging through garbage cans.

The intended joy of the holiday seems rather fleeting, even restless. It’s the problems that seem lasting and even eternal.


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