Judge Ruchie Freier at Central

Central students, faculty, and parents were recently treated to a special event: Judge Ruchie Freier shared her story with the Central family in an address titled “Empowering Young Women: Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem in Today’s Generation.”

Judge Freier shared that she entered law school at the age of 30, and took four years to complete it as she was simultaneously raising six children. She then worked in a number of legal capacities before running for civil court in 2016. Along the way, she was careful to put her faith first, even sharing how she had a special spot in her law school staircase where she davened Minchah each day.

“What was so inspiring about her story,” said Mrs. Aliza Konig, assistant principal, “was that she was not at all apologetic about being an observant woman. Instead, she explained how her observance gave her strength, and that instead of people judging her for her faith, they came to respect her for what she represented.”

Yaffa Reichwald, class of 2021, said the event was “really inspiring … sometimes you don’t really understand how someone got to where they are, so it was very interesting to hear about each step of her process.”

Judge Freier’s warm and open manner engaged students and adults alike, who remained afterward for a question-and-answer session. When one student asked Judge Freier if she ever dreams about being on the Supreme Court, Judge Freier replied that anything is possible, and that she does have dreams for her future.

Mrs. Konig observed, “She is the kind of person who always keeps asking ‘what’s next?’ and is not simply content with what she has already done. She is a great role model for our students.”

Special thanks to Mrs. Danielle Wyner and Mrs. Aliza Konig for organizing the event and to co-sponsors Ohel and UJA.


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