By Larry Gordon

Beg Your Pardon

Most Wednesdays, our editors and myself go back and forth choosing the most compelling or interesting photo to grace our front page. This week it has been pointed out to us that we have erred inasmuch as the front page photo that features Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz and Rabbi Yosef Milstein of Ozar HaTorah Yeshivas in France, features the Shem Hashem hanging above their heads on Rav Gamliel’s bookcase. According to many, this renders that page as “sheimos,” or at least a page that should not be casually or routinely discarded after you finish reading the paper.

And you will have to take our word for it, this was not thought of intentionally or by design. It is just our obligation to bring it to your attention and perhaps you should consult your rabbi as to how to handle the matter. For our part, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sara’s Takeout

You may have read this morning that Sara Netanyahu is being indicted in Israel for ordering too much takeout food and having it delivered to the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem. Now, Mrs. Netanyahu, like any citizen either here in the U.S. or in Israel, is free to order whatever she pleases from the local burger joints on Ben Yehuda Street or kosher Pizza Huts located around the country.

There is a quirk, however, in the law in Israel that says as long as the Prime Minister’s chef is in the residence and on duty, no takeout food can be ordered at the government’s expense. This is where apparently Sara Netanyahu may have run afoul—not a fowl—of the law. She is being charged with spending as much as $100,000 on takeout while the chef was on the premises of the residence.

I know it is absurd that the Attorney General in Israel would do this unless the entire thing is meant to be some kind of lame or pathetic joke. Can you imagine if after the Russian investigation is concluded that the prosecutor finds that President Trump favored Russian salad dressing over any other topping? Don’t discount the possibility.


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