Kalever Rebbe - With Rabbi Hershel BilletWith the rapid growth of yeshivas, new shuls, and shtiebels springing up on every corner, and seemingly endless opportunities for learning, it’s apparent that the level of spirituality sought by our community’s residents continues to expand. For more and more people, there is an insatiable thirst to learn, grow, and work towards infusing various aspects of our lives with ever-greater levels of holiness. Part of this movement has of late included the visits of a few special tzaddikim to our community. While many bemoan the lack of gedolim in our generation, we in the Five Towns have been graced in the past year with several visits from truly righteous leaders.
Returning this week to Woodmere is the Kalever Rebbe, shlita, of Williamsburg. The Rebbe is being hosted by members of the Aish Kodesh community. During his visit last time, he delivered a message of chizuk to everyone, met with many hundreds of people individually, and bestowed berachos upon them. Now everyone is looking forward to his return. Much of his appeal lies in the fact that he is a wonderful person who possesses a unique capability to perceive the imperceptible. A lot of people find this to be a compelling and powerful experience that leaves them changed forever.
The Kalever Rebbe’s connection with Rav Moshe Weinberger goes back to the days when Rav Weinberger taught at Ezra Academy in Brooklyn, and the Kalever Rebbe would come to meet with the students during an annual visit to give them chizuk. According to Rabbi Hershel Krausz, the Kalever Rebbe’s gabbai, “The Rebbe is really into kiruv.” He has traveled all over the world to meet with Jews of every level of observance, and his warm manner and tremendous insight enable him to connect immediately with every Jew.
The Kalever Rebbe is continuing the holy chain of 234 years of his forefathers, the righteous leaders of the chassidic community in Hungary, Romania, and Poland. Following the Holocaust in Europe, he arrived in New York with his parents. His holy father led his students and his chassidim until his death in 1978, and then the Rebbe took his father’s place as their rabbi and light of the Kalev chassidim.
The Rebbe has invested much of his precious time–leaving his students and chassidim–to wander throughout the world in order to reach every Jewish community. During the past approximately 30 years, he has visited hundreds of schools and Jewish communities within 63 countries to strengthen, encourage, bless from the bottom of his heart, and advise men, women, and youth from all circles and of all ages.
Thousands have come to the Rebbe with their problems and sorrows. Following a short and personal conversation with the Rebbe, which penetrates the recesses of the soul, these people are filled with happiness, hope, and solutions to their problems. All of this is given without taking donations.
The Kalever Rebbe, shlita, will be arriving to Aish Kodesh on Sunday, December 7. The Rebbe will be meeting privately with individuals from 1:00 to 10:00 p.m. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate yourself. v


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