Max Marcus with Senator Todd Kaminsky

Senator Todd Kaminsky inducted WWII veteran and Woodmere resident Max Marcus, Petty Officer, Third Class into the New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame on Wednesday, recognizing him for his honorable and selfless service to the nation and his fellow veterans. Sen. Kaminsky honored Mr. Marcus in a socially-distant private ceremony at the Marcus home in the presence of immediate family.

Senator Todd Kaminsky and Max Marcus with his family.

“On this Veterans Day, I’m especially thankful to have the opportunity to honor Petty Officer Max Marcus for his brave service during the Second World War,” said Senator Todd Kaminsky. “We all owe Max our gratitude for his service to our country, along with his commitment to freedom and family, which is why I’m proud to have nominated him as our district’s inductee to the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame. I hope this recognition brings him and his family pride for generations to come.”

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Max Marcus enlisted in the United States Navy in 1943 and left Manhattan, the only city he had ever known, to complete basic training in Sampson, New York. Dispatched to North Africa, he was assigned to the amphibious division and would transport soldiers from ships to the shore where they would engage with the enemy.

With the North African campaign slowing down, Max shipped out to the European front and fought in the invasion of Italy. He was part of Operation Avalanche, where the allies landed near the port of Salerno under the guidance of four star general Mark W. Clarke.

He was part of the second wave and did the same job of transporting troops from ships to the shore where they engaged the enemy. It was for his actions here that he received the Combat Action Ribbon, American Campaign Medal, European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Honorable discharge button and the Honorable Service Medal.

The New York State Senate Veterans’ Hall of Fame was created to honor and recognize outstanding veterans from the Empire State who have distinguished themselves both in military and civilian life. It is a chance for the Senate to honor the heroic New Yorkers, to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.


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