Todd KaminskyTodd shrugs off crushing tax burden as “just a way of life.”

If Guinness Book of World Records had an award for shocking political candor, it would go to Democratic Assembly candidate Todd Kaminsky, who was quoted this week breezily dismissing the skyrocketing tax burden crushing middle-class working families on Long Island’s south shore as “just a way of life.” (Five Towns Jewish Times, 6/20/14).

In the same breath, Kaminsky admits that if elected, he has no plans to curb the crisis of annually increasing tax levies chasing working families, young professionals, and retirees out of New York State and away from communities they love.

In an piece by Five Towns Jewish Times editor Larry Gordon, Kaminsky is described as “soft-spoken,” when he all but pledges to become yet another foot soldier in the Assembly Democratic majority’s decades-old War on Long Island’s Middle Class Taxpayers.

“Voters deserve much more than just another politician with the same old excuses to justify New York State’s broken tax policies,” says Republican and Conservative candidate Avi Fertig. “There’s a reason NY ranks literally first in the nation for taxing residents and businesses; taxpayers deserve more, and their representatives in Albany must do more.”

Citing examples of what he means by “more,” Fertig points first to the state’s 2% Property Tax Cap. 

”I hear people bashing the Tax Cap as ‘too little, too late,’ says Fertig. “I firmly disagree. The Tax Cap draws a line in the sand to remind taxpayers that perpetually rising taxes are not ‘just a way of life.’  The Tax Cap empowers taxpayers to reject the abusive, tax-happy tendencies of our state government. If anything, the Tax Cap is a red flag taxpayers can wave in the face of officials who view Long Island’s working families as ATM machines that provide cover for short-sighted decisions.”

The Tax Cap is just “an innovative first step,” says Fertig. He points to the Education Investment Tax Credit, recently tossed to the curb by the Assembly Democratic Majority, though it would have allowed genuine tax relief for working families, and true choice when it comes to their children’s education.

“EITC is further proof that crushing taxes are far from “just a way of life,” he says. “This legislation is a proven winner that is already making a difference in other states. As assemblyman, I will do everything in my power to resurrect it.”

Other innovative tax cutting ideas Fertig supports and pledges to champion in the Assembly include limiting the number and cost of unfunded mandates; replacing the Triborough Amendment with a sustainable model that protects the short- and long-term interests of teachers and taxpayers alike; and fighting to modify existing formulas for distributing state school aid to a more equitable system than the current model, which favors New York City far above Long Island.

Finally, Fertig pledges to work with assembly colleagues on both sides of the aisle to create pro-business legislation that will create jobs and stimulate the local economy. “There is a 25-year tradition of bi-partisan leadership in the 20th Assembly District,” says Fertig. “You can be sure I will honor that tradition in every way I can.”

But, he adds, “Collaboration is only possible when the parties have an open mind to all possibilities; it won’t work when you waive the white flag of surrender from Day One.

“If my opponent believes that leadership means wallowing problems and conceding defeat, then that’s his choice,” says Fertig. “My choice is leadership based on lessons gained from past experience: Anything is possible when you stay focused on finding the solution.”

Avi Fertig is the Republican & Conservative parties candidate for the open 20th Assembly District which covers Atlantic Beach, East Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout, the Five Towns, Island Park, Bay Park, Oceanside, and portions of East Rockaway.


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