Kayco sends food to Houston

Kayco, the leading distributor of kosher food products, is proudly participating in a massive grassroots effort to feed and support Houston-area victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Jewish organizations throughout the northeast have rallied with unprecedented speed to collect and distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of food, supplies, and pledges to the Jewish community in Houston. Kayco provided a full truckload of shelf-stable, pre-packaged kosher food products that are easy to distribute.

Charles Herzog, VP Marketing at Kayco, said, “We feel fortunate that we are in a position to participate in this effort. But, as they say, it takes a village. That is why Kayco was quick to join forces with local organizations such as Chabad and Chasdei Lev to ensure that direct and immediate relief would be delivered to the victims.”

Kayco sends food to Houston

The Bayonne, NJ-based company shipped approximately $50,000 worth of kosher edibles including Kedem grape juice, Gefen instant soups, Beigel Beigel pretzels, and Elite chocolate bars to Texas.

“It’s important to cut through all obstacles so those in need, particularly those who depend on kosher food products, can receive support,” said Herzog. “With the High Holidays just around the corner, Kayco is doing whatever it can to send not just food, but also a message of hope and love to Houston’s large Jewish community.”



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