Kaylie Kids got off to an exciting start on Monday, enjoying a day filled with enthralling activities at a completely full camp bursting at the seams with excitement and fun.


Campers arriving from across the tri-state area and beyond were warmly welcomed by their counselors and head staff and enjoyed an ice cream party before partaking in a delicious camp lunch. Thereafter campers checked into their bunk, unpacked, and got ready for the exciting days ahead!

Activities got off to a great start as campers enjoyed archery, woodworking, go-karts, zip-lining, horseback riding, boating, and intense sports on the spacious campus. “Boating is my favorite part of camp,” said Gabe Mellman. “I had a great time on the lake.” Eli Eisenberg enjoyed the ropes course. “There was a lot of fun to be had on the zipline,” he said. “It was fun to have the wind burst into our face,” he added. “Horseback riding was my favorite part of the day because it was cool to ride on the back of a horse,” said Yaakov Lubetsky.


Campers also enjoyed the camp-wide carnival, having a great time with friends on the myriad attractions. “The carnival was my favorite part of the day,” said Yoni Taragin. “I liked the giant water slide because it was humongous and a lot of fun to go down!” A foam pit, bubble ball race, cotton candy, and basketball challenge were also part of the fun.

To top off the incredible first day, campers had a blast at the late-night swim activity, enjoying the new Jaffa Family pool. “It was tons of fun,” said Hillel Fried. “I passed the deep water test,” he added enthusiastically. Dov Klahr agreed. “Night swim was my favorite part of the day,” he said. “The new water slide was a lot of fun.”

From tennis and basketball to ropes and zip-lining, campers had an awesome time on action-packed Day 2 of their time in camp. “Kaylie Kids is amazing,” exclaimed Akiva Fried. “The activities are so much fun.” Campers started off their day with davening and chinuch, followed by intense basketball games and tennis matches. “Tennis and basketball were my favorite activities because they were a lot of fun,” said Hillel Fried. “The gym here is so nice,” he added.

After sports, campers enjoyed the zipline, rock climbing, and ropes course. “It was a lot of fun climbing and zip-lining by the ropes course and rock-climbing activity,” said Yaakov Lubetsky. Rafi Schick agrees. “My favorite part of camp is the rock climbing because it was a lot of fun and the zipline because we go really high and fast,” he said.

The go-kart track and woodworking were also popular activities. “My favorite thing today was the go-karting because we were speeding really fast in the cars,” said Dovi Goldberg. Binyamin Schienfeld liked woodworking best and built his very own mini-gumball machine during the activity. “We made gumball machines today and they work really well,” he said enthusiastically.

Kaylie Kid parents Lisa and Aaron from Maryland remarked, “Gabriel came home so excited, and we heard all the details about the amazing activities, the ruach, the beauty of the camp, and mostly the camaraderie amongst the boys. Gabriel is not a New Yorker, but he felt welcomed and part of the group. The counselors were attentive, he was comfortable in the camp, and overall told us what a great time he had! We look forward to his attending Camp Kaylie next summer!”

Kaylie Kids is a great way for prospective campers and their families to experience all that Camp Kaylie has to offer. The goal is to provide children an exhilarating time with the sensitivity that this is probably their first overnight stay.


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