By Larry Gordon

What a comedy show these two guys seem to be putting on.  The only thing that makes any logical sense here is that it is Barrack Obama placing his trust in them and deeming them as knowledgeable and important advisers on things around the world that he has no clue about.  I think it was Laurel who said to Hardy something along the lines of “just look at the fine fix you’ve gotten me into now.” (If you do not remember Laurel and Hardy just read on).

In his new book, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says of Biden that he has never seen the Vice-President on the right side of any foreign policy issues.  And that, I would have to add includes matters pertaining to Israel.  This is notwithstanding that both Mr. Biden and Mr. Kerry seem to like visiting Israel, lodging and taking meetings at The King David Hotel and speaking glowingly about their long and close relationship with Bib while trying to sell Israel down the river so that they can finally have a positive foreign policy achievement.

On Mr. Kerry and his just completed 10th trip to Israel to try to get an agreement signed between Israeli’s and Arabs living in Israel, an Israeli official said after more than a few endless meetings with Mr. Kerry that, “he has no idea or understanding about how things work in the Middle East.”  The official who was not identified said that Kerry’s positive and encouraging remarks about negotiations have “no connection to what is really taking place.”  HE also aid that Kerry is “extremely unfamiliar with the roots of the conflict.”

And this is the man leading negotiations with Iran in order to make sure that they are not able to build a nuclear weapon.  That Biden is not the brightest bulb in the room is an old story and probably one of the main reasons he was chosen as Mr. Obama’s running mate to begin with and again last year.

According to the Gates book Obama does not believe or did not believe in the US military missions in Iraq or Afghanistan and he did not trust the judgment of his generals.  He trusts Kerry and Biden because after all they have sat through many a meeting and have probably played some of the most intense and challenging war related video games.

If this wasn’t so serious it would probably be comical.


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