By Larry Gordon –
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been saying for quite a long time that there is one basic and fundamental condition that could form the entire foundation of future peace between Israel and the Palestinian leadership. And that is the matter of the Palestinian Authorities unelected leaders decaling unequivocally that they recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.
Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have repeated time and again that not only is this an unmovable demand but a stipulation that can conceivably form the basis of all future peace deals with Arab countries in the Middle East.
On more than several occasions including in a major address at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC last week, Mr. Kerry emphatically declared that the PA will have to recognize Israel as the Jewish state just as Israel will recognize Palestine as a Palestinian State.
Yesterday, Mr. Kerry changed his mind. He said in an address to members of Congress that Israel “was making a mistake” by insisting that it be recognized as a Jewish state. He referenced United Nations resolutions from the 1940’s that state that Israel is in fact the nation of the Jewish people.
Now the only positive thing we can think or say about Mr. Kerry is that these are not his words or ideas. They rather come out of the White House of President Barrack Obama in his continuing search after almost six years as President to succeed at something. And as the requirements for success are dumbed down it becomes apparent that it does not have to be a real success, all it needs is to project an image of achievement or accomplishment.
All this as missiles continue to be rained down on Israel from Gaza where more than 40% of the Palestinian people reside. Kerry said the other day that for the missiles to stop all Israel needs to do is reach an agreement with the PA. What? Is he kidding?
Perhaps if we have John Kerry his Nobel Peace Prize now he would stop.


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