Ketzaleh and Bennett in better times

I agree that this process is leading to “constructive unilateralism” or “convergence”. As I pointed out, the referendum law doesn’t apply when we are ceding land in J&S. The question is are we better off if Bayit Yihudi stays in the government or leaves? If not Bennett, who? Ted Belman

Former National Union chairman says current leader is complicit in impending eviction of 8 communities.

By Gil Ronen

Ketzaleh and Bennett in better times
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Former Knesset member and ex-chairman of the National Unionparty Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) is calling on the Bayit Yehudi MKs to immediately depose the chairman of the religious-Zionist party, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett. Katz says Bennett knows that the current “peace talks” are rigged to lead to the eviction and demolition of eight Jewish communities around Shechem. 

Katz says Bennett is complicit in the impending demolition because he is staying in the Coalition, rather than leaving it now.

“I call on the Knesset members of Bayit Yehudi to convene immediately and depose Naftali Bennett from all of his functions in the leadership of the party, because of the impending destruction of the Torah world and demolition of the settlement enterprise that we are facing,” the former leader of the religious Zionist party wrote on his Facebook page. 

“Bennett knows, just as I do, that Bibi-Livni-Kerry-Abu Mazen have already agreed on an interim agreement in which, 8 months from now, the Jewish communities around Shechem will be razed. 

“Just as Bennett knew about the harsh cut in funding for yeshivas and Toraheducational institutes, and told his faction and the heads of the institutions that nothing would happen, just to keep them quiet, so today, Bennett is hiding the great threat to the settlement enterprise from everyone today. 

“Everyone now knows that Bennett’s messages of calm were baseless. 66% of the funding for the Torah world was cut, and the same thing will happen now if the Bayit Yehudi postpones Bennett’s dismissal until the presentation of the agreement for destruction of communities. 

“By then it will be too late, and our public will again have to face the same horrific sights that it experienced only 8 years ago in Gaza and northern Samaria,” he said, referring to the forced deportation of 9,000 Jews from Gaza and four communities in Samaria during the 2005 “Disengagement.” 

Katz called on the party to “fix what has been twisted and immediately conduct negotiations with its natural partners in the hareidi parties, for their entry into the government instead of Lapid.” 

Katz was referring to Yair Lapid, the head of the Yesh Atid party, currently the second largest Knesset faction with 19 seats. He envisions a coalition in which the hareidi parties, which number 18 MKs together, would take Lapid’s place.

Bayit Yehudi was formed in a merger between parts of the National Union and the National Religious Party prior to the last elections, following Bennett’s election as head of the party. Bennett has been widely credited with reviving the religious-Zionist political bloc, …read more
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